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Conference,Regions,and State

December 5, 2012
Thomas Nelson HS

If you ask anyone that plays any kind of sport. They would say that they want to win and bring their victories back to their school. If you ask the cross country team at Thomas Nelson High School they would say that they have brought that win and victory back to their school. Well one thing that they would tell you is that they made it to state. And that is pretty big for any school, it does not matter how last your school has been there. It is big to make to state. If you make to state is say that you are working hard and pretty much just good. Also one thing that is amazing about the cross country is that they are the first team to make to state in Thomas Nelson High School history.

So let me tell you about some of the races before state. One of the big races was the Mid-Kentucky Athletic Conference Championship. Has a cross country runner on the team I myself was very nervous for this race. Has the start of the day I had a not in my stomach all day. When it was time to go get ready for the race I got so nervous that I could not think, I had to come down has my dad said. So as we stepped on the line to get check in I just stared down the long starting line. Then the official said to us “Step up to the line”. As we did then the gun was fired. We all hit the first turn and then we all hit the first hill it was a struggle to get up the hill but I had to.

The race was over before you knew it. When I finish I felt very good, but I was tired. I finish 3rd and I had a time of 17:28:81. The second boy that came in for our team was Nathan Hagan; he came in 9th with a time of 17:56:53. Third for our team was Tyler Bradley he came in 14th and he ran a time of 18:44:91. Our 4th team member to finish was Bret Dones he finished 34th and had a time of 20:17:41. Our 5th team member that finished was Adam Pardington he finished 37th with a time of 20:28:00. Our 6th finisher was Austin Jenkins, he finished 44th with a time of 21:32:47. Our final member that finished was Nathan Kaissieh he finished 50th, with a time of 22:06:75. The boys team finished 4th but did not get an award. But one individual did. The top seven get an award, the one individual that got one was Jarrett Mattingly. Jarrett got 3rd and he was very happy when he got his award.

Now for the girl’s race, we heard the gunfire and the girls were off and have I said in the boy’s race it was over before you knew it. The first girl to cross the line for our team was Faith Stansbury, she finished 13th and had a time of 22:25:87. The second girl to finish was Hope Stansbury, she finished 24th with a time of 23:41:12. The third girl to finish was Sadie Middleton, she finished 29th, with a time of 24:23:22. The fourth girl to finish on our team was
Maggie Downs, she finished 49th, with a time of 28:24:81. Even though the girl’s team did not have a team score, but they did amazing.

The next race that was big was regions, and just so you know regions is huge. Regions decide if you go to state or not. So this is really scary and nerve racking. The night before I sat in my bed and thought will I make it and will our team make it. Then they we were walking around getting ready to race. Up first was the girls, I remember telling them good luck then they were off. When they finished our first girl to finish was Sadie Middleton, Sadie finished 19th and her time was 23:03:78. Our second girl to finish was Hope Stansbury, Hope finished 23rd with a time of 23:58:68. Our third girl to finish was Faith Stansbury, Faith finished 25th with a time of 24:25:58.

Just to tell you about Faith at this race, the stats before the race. She was 7th overall so she had a big chance to make it to state. But she was really sick that is why she ran badly. I felt so bad for her because she could've easily made it to state. And she is only an 8th grader. Our fourth girl to finish was Maggie Downs, Maggie finished 34th with a time of 26:41:65. The 5th girl to finish was Courtney Bryan; Courtney came in 35th with a time of 26:53:58. The last girl on the team to finish was Danielle Downs, Danielle finished 38th and had a time of 28:45:81.The girl’s team finished 4th just one spot behind of making it to state has a team. But one girl made it, Sadie Middleton made it. She was so excited to go.

Mr. Hoyes was very proud of the girl’s team; they worked really hard for not having seniors this year. Now for the boys, as being on the boy’s team I was very nervous for the race. As we stepped on the line, the officials check us in. Then the gun fired, we were off. It was over and Jarrett Mattingly (Me) finished first for our team. I finished 7th with a time of 17:17:43. The second team member to finished was Nathan Hagan who finished 8th with a time of 17:17:84. The third boy to finish for our team was Tyler Bradley he finished 11th with a time of 17:46:71. The fourth boy to finish was Bret Dones, he finished 28th, with a time of 18:46:58. The fifth boy to finish was Adam Pardington, he finished 39th with a time of 19:39:40. The sixth boy to finish was Timothy Kaissieh he finished 41th with a time of 19:51:30.

The seventh boy to finish was Austin Jenkins he finished 46th with a time of 20:40:02. The boys team finished 3rd, and they made it to state has a team. The Thomas Nelson boy’s team, are the first team to make it to state at Thomas Nelson. Mr. Hoyes was very excited to send eight of his runners to state. Also I and Nathan Hagan got medals for making the top eight. Now for the big race, it is state time. As we meet at Thomas Nelson we got the tent and the water bottles ready. We all loaded up and headed on up to the Kentucky Horse Park. We got out of the car and we started to walk. When we walk up to check in, we saw the funniest thing ever. This team had star wars music and light saver’s, they were hilarious. I was already scared; the entire runner’s walking around getting ready. After we got the tent up, Sadie had to start running and getting ready.

After that I remember standing by the fence to watch Sadie start. I told her good luck, and they were off. After Sadie’s race started us boy’s had to go get ready for our race. We started to run and then Sadie was done. Sadie finished 120th with a time of 24:37:31. After she finished we headed to the line, has we all got on the line they checked us in. I remember when they checked our uniforms I got really scared. They said that my compression shorts had a under armour logo on it. They said that because all of the team had Nike logo but they let it slide. Thank goodness, so after that they fired the gun and we were off.

The one thing I remember was that the course had a lot of hills, and it was not easy. After the race, the results of the race were. The first boy to finish for the team was Nathan Hagan who finished 45th with a time of 18:16:61. The second boy to finished was Jarrett Mattingly (Me) who finished 50th with a time of 18:24:36. The third boy to finish was Tyler Bradley who finished 84th with a time of 19:: 07:73. The fourth boy to finish was Timothy Kaissieh who finished 148th with a time of 20:23:63. The fifth boy to finished was Adam Pardington who finished 173th with a time of 21:12:87. The sixth boy to finish was Bret Dones who finished 180th with a time of 21:29:12. The last boy to finish for the team was Austin Jenkins who finished 190th with a time of 21:56:38. The boy’s team finished 14th has a team and that is amazing because we have no seniors and finished in the top 20.

I interviewed Timothy Kaissieh the first question I ask him was


  1. Were you nervous or excited about going to state? Timothy was excited to go to state but was a little         nervous when you got on the line.
  2. Do you think the state was hard? Yes, because they were a lot of hills and it was ran on a horse field.
  3. What was your feeling when you were running and when you finished? When I was running I knew
  4. I had to go hard because it was state. And it was the last race of the season. I felt good after the race because as a team we got 14th in state.
  5. Are you sad that cross country is over? Yes because I enjoyed running and my team member and a special thanks to Mr. Hoyes for his great coaching.

By:Jarrett Mattingly


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