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Connotation of FCA :)

December 3, 2012
By Maja Bursac of Thomas Nelson HS

What does Fellowship of Christian Athletes mean to you?:

"I enjoy FCA. It holds me accountable for my actions and it's good to know that there's someone I can come to when I'm struggling in my faith. I also love to see Bruce's majestic beard every Wednesday morning." -Luke Cecil

"I joined FCA to make myself a better follower of Christ." -Austin Hughes

"I enjoy FCA because no matter who you are you feel welcomed and wanted." -Mikayla Brady

"I enjoy FCA because I get to meet friends that are Christians like me." -Cassie Parrish

"I enjoy FCA because I learn how to be a better person." -Landon Culver

"I enjoy FCA because I get to have guidance before class. It makes my day brighter." -Mackenzie Donoho 

"I enjoy FCA because the lessons we learn can relate to you. We do fun activities that appeal to the bible. You can worship God in a school enviornment and be a role model for those watching." -Maria Shields 

"FCA is a great place to make friends or a great thing to be involved in with current friends. I also like FCA because it holds me accountable as a Christian." -Basil Sanders

"I enjoy FCA because it offers a friendly enviornment where everyone can express how they feel about God in the Christian way without fearing that they'll be judged. Plus, Bruce's sense of humor makes everything better." -Drew Hurst

"I like FCA because it is a time in the middle of the week where I can talk about God to other people who feel the same way. Also because it is fun to go and hear what everyone has to say." -Tyler Bradley

"I enjoy FCA because it helps me be a better person and helps me be more like Christ with the help of other fellow Christians within my school." -Jeremy Cox

"I enjoy FCA because it gives me an accountability group here at school." -Jesse Parrish

"I enjoy FCA because it feels good to be around a group of people who come together and fellowship with other believers. Also hearing the Lord's word in the morning makes me feel better and starts my day off right." -Casel Billings

"I enjoy FCA because you get to hang out with friends and talk about God." -Nathan Goss

"I enjoy FCA because it's fun to hang out with people with the same beliefs as me." -Mason Flechler 

"I enjoy FCA because I get to spend time with people who are trying to become better Christians like myself." -Taylor Sims

"I enjoy FCA because it is time I spend with friends who will not judge me for believing in Jesus Christ. We always have a good time together. I always look forward to Wednesday mornings." -Sarah Knott

"I like FCA because I get to grow stronger in my faith with my friends." -Grace Parrish

"I like FCA because I get to meet other Christians around the school." -Alyssa Buchner

"When I go to FCA everybody in there is trying to learn more about God. And do their part in everyday life." -Mason McMahan

"I like FCA because it makes learning about God fun." -Danielle Downs

"I enjoy FCA because it's a place with a lot of friends who are Christians. I like FCA because the conversations are not just about the bad things people do on the weekends. They are about the ways we can help each other be better Christians." -Jacob Richardson 

"I love FCA because I get to meet with incredible people every week. These kids mean so much to me and I am very thankful for Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Thurmond for placing their trust in me so I could meet with these great people each week. And I thank God for calling me to be the chaplain for FCA at Thomas Nelson High School. Let us not grow weary in doing good... Let's make a difference." -Bruce Nichols 


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