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November 26, 2012
By Maja Bursac of Thomas Nelson HS

   *The next STLP meeting will be held on November 29, 2012, 3:30PM to 4:15PM. 

     The students (Ajsa Karacic, Easton Culver, Shyla Stump, and Maja Bursac) will be creating a Prezi. They will be gathering all of the pictures that they took on the Fall Showcase they went to two weeks ago, and they will be publishing those photos on the Prezi, then will next show the Powerpoint to Mr. Bradley (our principal) to show him ideas some other schools come up with. They are hoping, with the presentation, that Mr. Bradley and everyone else will get a better understanding of what STLP can actually do, because no one understands how far in depth technology use can go. They are hoping that Mr. Bradley, since he knows more about the school than anyone else, can give them ideas on what they could do to make the school a better place and learning easier to do throughout the use of technology. STLP is anticipating to soon complete the Prezi, that way, they can quicker come up with ideas to make TNHS more technology efficient. 



"What we are doing: For our project, we are putting QR codes into our school's yearbook. These codes will allow those that purchase a yearbook to experience a variety of videos, photo montages, and sound clips. We are using the company Balfour to put these special codes in our yearbook. 

What are we doing it?: We are doing this to help the Atherton community relive memories of their year after they have graduated. They will be able to look back in the yearbook and do more than just look at pictures, they will be able to see their favorite high school memories come to life. 

What We Have Already Done: We have already completed recording The Principal's Message and videos of different school performances. We have also done a video montage of different language classes saying our motto "What you do makes a difference!" in their language: 

Japanese: "Yaru karahiwa chgai o daso."

German: "Was du machst, macht eiuen unterschied."

Chinese: "Ni suo zuo de chuang zao qi ji."

French: "Ce que tu fais, fait la difference."

What We Have Yet To Do: Some things we are still planning on doing are a slideshow of a student life, a slideshow of academics, and a placeholder for graduation. The slideshow of student life will include pictures from different student events like pep rallies, homecoming, prom, and other outside of school activities. The slideshow of academics will include pictures of students working, science experiments, etc. We will also be putting in a QR code that we can add a video to later after the yearbook is already published and we are planning on putting a video of the graduation ceremony."

^This is not, by any means, our school's project. Once again, this is an example project from the Fall Showcase so you can get a feel of the projects STLP are capable of doing. 

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