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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

November 14, 2012
Thomas Nelson HS

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night!

1.)  How do you feel the performers for “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” did?
“*I feel that they couldn’t have performed any better. I am extremely proud of their premiere, especially considering how calm and confident they were. Half of this cast had never performed in a play before.”

2.)  Was all the effort you and the cast members put into the practices worth it in the end?
“*Of course it was. There is no feeling like when something you have worked so hard for comes together. The adrenaline and excitement, and knowing what you have shared with your audience is priceless. It was a grand benefit to be the premiering theatre performance and share history.”

3.) What made you choose this performance?
“*It was comedic and I knew there would be great potential in the show for the actors.”

4.) How did you think the crow would respond to the play before you put it on?
“*I was confident that they would have a good time watching the performances. The actors put on a great show.”
5.)  Did they respond the way you expected?
   ‘*I heard them laugh when we wanted a laugh, I heard them react when we needed any reaction. We had great audiences.”

6.)  How many times a week did you practice for the play?
“For the beginning of rehearsals, someone was rehearsing every day with me, but we did not schedule full cast rehearsals until the last 3 week before we opened. I do this to use time wisely in teaching materials.”

7.) And for how long did the practices last?
“Each day from 4:00 to about 5:30 each day, then during production week, we ran each performance and spent about 2 hours together cleaning our performance up.”

8.) Were you happy with the performance?
“ Extremely. I am beyond ecstatic for the things to come with these scholars. They give me so much talent and potential to work with.”
9.) Can we know about any upcoming plays and their dates?
“We will be putting on “A Carol for the County” in which Show Club will sing and the drama group will put on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” We are performing December 21 and 22nd. We are asking $3 suggested donation or 3 canned good food items that the Dramatics and I will be donating to families in need. We especially hope more Generals will come with their families to show support, spread Holiday cheer, and reach out to the community with us.”  

“Auditions for the Spring Musical will be in the next few weeks. We will cast the show before break to let students know what to begin practicing, and rehearsals will really pick up in late March. Our performances will be scheduled for the end of April.”

10.) How many plays do you hope to put on for the year?
“I had only planned a Fall Drama and a Spring Musical, but these students are so motivated, we have added a Christmas show to allow Show Club and our drama to merge and spend time with each other as an organization.”

11.) Was there anything you would have changed about the play if you could have?
- Anything at all.
“ Nothing. I would have even kept it in the gym. What these students learned from “making it work” and pouring their hearts out on that stage basketball floor is invaluable! I think they had a great time too.”
12.) Would you rather of had one extra day to practice before performing the play?
“No. We were ready. Practice makes permanent. Nothing is perfect. Another day would not have changed anything and I am extremely proud.”

13.) Who were all the cast members who performed in the play? “In order of appearance: Faith Brown, JoEllyn Medley, Makenzie Letner, Chris Holleran, Nicole Jutras, Lexi Culver, Trenton Billings, Taylor Edelen, Nick Rucker, Cody Bales, Abby Wilson, Matthew Kaufield, Eryn Hite, and Ciara Sandefur. Loren Schuler and Emma Manley were our stage and sound managers, with Mr. Robinson helping cue backstage as well”.
14.) How do you think they felt about the performance? Or did they say?
“You should find one of them in school and ask. They are great scholars and individuals, and you’ll make a new friend.”

15.) And as a the first production this was obviously nerve wrecking, was there a memo or a saying or a thing you guys would keep in mind, say or do to keep positive and make the play such a success in the end?
“There is so much that we say, and do! We try our hardest to keep each positive, remain focused, and ultimately, it was an epic success. Those moments are really something I can’t tell on paper, you just have to be a part of it. I encourage anyone at any age to just try theatre, theatre with us. It really will allow you to blossom as an individual, not afraid to take that spotlight. We appreciate all the support that we had for the show and I am grateful for being able to do this!”

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