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STLP Fall Showcase! :P

November 13, 2012
Thomas Nelson HS

     As you may know, our school's STLP went to the University of Louisville to attend the Fall Showcase. The students that attended decribed it as a 'fun time' and found it quite interesting; and like most of you, they had no idea that STLP could do so much with technology. 

    Even though the students didn't necessarily have something to present, they enjoyed roaming around and looking at the different varieties of the services provided with technology. The reason of attending this showcase is plain and simple: to help prepare the students. Ms. Case explained that she wanted her students to look around so they can get a better feel of what services they can provide for our school and because this is a new school and because she's new to STLP as well, she wanted to take it slow.

    Ms. Case had the students take pictures of anything that showed interest to them. She wanted them to take pictures of a variety of things so they know what it's about, but if there was a specific category of technology that they may be able to work with, she wanted them to take lots of pictures and notes of that; so they know what to do when it's their time to present in other upcoming showcases.


    Services. That's what STLP really focuses on. The most important thing to Ms. Case is for her students to keep their eyes out open and really look  for things that their club can do to make the school more technology efficient and make things easier. She thought that maybe looking that these services can help their minds realize what STLP really is about, and how they can provide a service, or services, in many aspects throughtout the school (or community) throughtout the use of technology. 


1. 'Food Deserts' - areas that major in fast foods and lack produces, which can lead to obsesity. The purpose of this service was to get rid of these food deserts and provide fresh produce, making it a healthier meal, because we are getting to dependent on foods that aren't good for us. 

2. 'Mac'd Out' - This project is where highschoolers didn't know how to use Mac Books, and it got kind of frustrating and annoying to keep asking how to use them, so these students starting uploading 'How To' videos on YouTube so the students didn't have to keep asking, and it made it easier on the teachers because they didn't have so many people asking how to use the Mac Books. 

3. 'Camp Curiosity' - This was where students provided a robot camp for 3rd- 5th graders where they activities were fun and it got them learning... It focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) 

    There you have it ladies and gentlemen, what STLP is working on and hoping to achieve. I hope you learned some things as well; there's so much you can do with technology, it's amazing! I highly encourage you to get involved with the use of technology, and make something easier in your school or community! Until next time, eat your oatmeal Generals! :P 

                                                       By: Ashley Cornelius and Maja Bursac 

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