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What is the Proper Arm Angle?

December 30, 2012
The Pitching Coach Kevin Beirne

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What is the Proper Arm Angle?

I'm sure you heard you have to throw overhand, or don't throw side arm. This is another conventional wisdom on throwing.

Most big league pitchers throw between ten thirty and nine o'clock. So there is no right or wrong arm angle, it's genetic. This is what we call their signature.

Throwing is in our DNA. I'll give you a great example… Have you ever seen the Palestinians throwing rocks at tanks in the Middle East? I'm pretty sure they've never thrown a baseball. So throwing is a natural movement. As Cavemen, we were hunters and gathers. Before weapons we used to throw rocks at rabbits to eat. So we've been throwing things for thousands of years.

In baseball there's so much misinformation on throwing, they're taught the wrong way at a young age. It's very simple, tell your kids to throw a rock. That will be the arm angle. But for some reason, when we put a baseball in their hand, we change the way they are throwing. Leave the throwing arm alone. Let them teach you how they throw. A baseball is just a bigger rock.

After you have established their arm angle, then look at the head. Posture is the most important in throwing or striking. It's the safest and most repeatable way.

Remember, let the kids teach you. You will be pleasantly surprised how accurate they will become.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Thanks, look forward to any questions.

Inform, Instruct & Inspire,

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