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 The Best of Making it Grow grew from the strong roots of Making it Grow, a hit show also produced dually by Clemson University and ETV.

Since its inception, Making it Grow has won numerous awards, including two Regional Emmy Awards for Best Interview/Discussion Program and Set Design, and has expanded to a variety of media, including radio, newspaper, and Internet. Making it Grow began in 1993, with a focus on promoting the horticultural and agricultural aspects of South Carolina. It has expanded into being one of the premier outlets for South Carolinians to find information about their gardens, farms, plants, and wildlife. Making it Grow is a highly interactive, live television program, where viewers call in their gardening and agricultural questions to Clemson University?s Rowland Alston, who hosts a panel of experts to answer the various inquiries. “Basically, it?s a common sense approach to gardening,” says Alston, a 30-year veteran of Clemson University and the Clemson Extension Service. “There?s just an insatiable appetite for more information on both houseplants and plants around the landscape.”

Making it Grow also features a taped segment in each show, which focuses on an interesting person, place, or product of South Carolina. There have been over 300 featured segments on Making it Grow from a banana farmer in Columbia, S.C. to historic plantations of Charleston, S.C., to the numerous turf grass farms in the state. These colorful segments are then repackaged to create The Best of Making it Grow, which you see only on RFD-TV.

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