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HIRE TSN To Broadcast Your Sports Event!

May 26, 2012
By Greg Bradley of TennesseeSportsNet/WAXO Radio TV

Why hire TennesseeSportsNet?

TennesseeSportsNet has covered hundreds of games since 2006 attracting over two-million fans to our events. That means lots of exposure for your sponsor and athletes.

TSN offers both audio and video coverage in a professional production with 37 years experience.

Since 2006 TSN has covered Little League action in the Southeast Regionals in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Southeast Regionals in Tennessee. NJCAA college action including the East/Central District, TCCAA Region VII basketball and baseball tournaments along with the Columbia State Community College.

TSN is in Tennessee covering the state and the southeast. Our broadcasts have reached fans in every county in Tennessee as well as those across the United States and the world. Our productions are a great way to introduce your sponsor(s) to our wide audience.

TSN can also produce a LIVE DVD copy of your event!

TennesseeSportsNet partners with the largest youth sports network in the country iHigh. TSN has been with iHigh since January 2011 and we have had over 649,000 fans come to our iHigh site to listen to or view our LIVE broadcasts. TSN's iHigh site ranks 4th in the iHigh/Tennessee Top 20. We've accomplished this in just over one year.  iHigh powers our audio and video production and posts all of our events on their Tennessee and National sites, as well as our TennesseeSportsNet site. So your sponsor gets lots of publicity. All of our games are also archived so fans who may have missed the live broadcast can view it later.

One of our productions the "Toyota East/West All Star Football Game" in 2011 ranks #1 among iHigh's Tennessee most viewed events with over 12,000 views. Your special event could gain alot of exposure just like the Toyota broadcast. You need to contact us today!

TennesseeSportsNet has a variety of packages that can fit your budget. Give us a call today and let us schedule your event. Phone 931-215-4529 or email TSN at youthsports@tennesseesportsnet.com.

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