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SWMS students successful at KYA conference

November 20, 2011
By Bryan Priddy of South Warren Middle School

South Warren Middle School was very successful at the Kentucky Youth Assembly Conference.

The conference had over 1200 Middle school students from across the state.

Tanner Maple was chosen (spur of the moment) to sing the National Anthem in front of over 1200 students as well as the Y Staff and advisors from each school and did a fantastic job.  (photo included).

Madeline Allen, Moran Mason, Kaylee Searcy and Hannah Mowery presented a bill proposing alternatives to making up missed days of school.  The bill was selected as one of the top 10 bills at the conference and this group of bill authors got the opportunity to present their bill on the floor of the House of Representatives at the Kentucky State Capital.

Bailey Vandiver, Emily Simons, Megan DeVore and Syndey Willingham presented their bill about requiring parenting classes for first time parents under the age of twenty-one.  There bill passed second committee at the hotel session and was found favorable by the KYA Governor.  They received certificates for having an outstanding bill.

Reagan Miller, Emma Briggs, Meredith Wison, and Hannah Chalfant presented a bill to fight obesity rates in Kentucky.  The group did an outstanding job and had a great idea to help our state health status.

Cameron Esters, Luke Rice, Sam Tuggle and Tanner Maple presented a bill to make structures in Kentucky safer in the event that an earthquake hits our state.  This group also did a fantastic job informing students of the danger our state is in from the threat of earthquakes.

In addition to the awards for the bill authors mentioned earlier the following awards were also received awards at the conference.

Luke Rice was one of only nine students at the conference to receive an award (plaque) as an Outstanding Speaker this award is voted on by all advisors at the conference based upon their hearing Luke speak in various sessions at the conference.

Ally Douglas and Madeline Allen each received awards as Outstanding delegates.

Numerous other students that attended were active speakers in the session they were assigned to, and also when they were allowed to argue bills on the floor of the House and Senate at the Kentucky State Capital. 

Overall the conference was very successful for South Warren Middle School an all the students represented the school were well.

Check out some of the photos from the conference 

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