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Rams' Cheerleader-Moms Hold Fundraisers!

April 2, 2009
By james mcdougald of Purnell Swett High School

The Purnell Swett Rams Cheerleaders are getting ready to travel down to Florida for a big competition so, they had to take the streets of the community asking for donations and having fundraisers. There are close to 17 co-ed cheerleaders on the squad and the trip is costly for each individual and the trip takes place this Friday, April 3. With their backs against the wall and needing fundings the squad had to call on a group of wonderful ladies whom call themselves, "The Cheerleader-Moms". This group of ladies are some of the mothers of the cheerleaders of course, who have jumped right in there to help the cause, so that these kids could raise enough money for the trip. They've done alot to help out and have raised a good deal of money. Wednesday night at the baseball/softball games against Lumberton, the Cheerleader-Moms sold hot dogs and potato chips. Each lady had a job at hand in grilling the hot dogs, fixing them with ketchup, mustard, onions, cole slaw and chilli. Others were walking around rounding up customers. I think they had some good sales and hopefully they closed in on their goal. They also took part in a Krispy Kremes doughnut sale earlier last week in which the cheerleaders and the Cheerleader-Moms sold over 1,000 boxes. I do hope that enough money will be raised so that these great young individuals will be able to make their trip successfully. Also, good luck to the cheerleaders at the competition down in Florida. Anyone that's interested in making any type of donation should get in touch with Mrs. Sabrina Dew or Mrs. Kathy Coble at the high school @ 522-4774/521-3253, I know it'll be greatly appreciated.

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