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 When developing show ideas for "Sure in the Saddle", I wanted a format that would help educate riders of all levels and disciplines. Horsemanship is the thread that weaves both western and english riders together. It is the pursuit of a better ride that we are all after.
 Whether on the trail or in the arena there is always room for improvement. Every time I ride, I aspire to be a better horseman and a more effective communicator. I strive to pass this desire onto my students and viewers. ~ Steve


In keeping with Steve's philosophy on the benefits of creating the versatile horse, he is an active competitor with the American Ranch Horse Association where he has earned multiple World Champion and Reserve Champion Titles.

Steve Lantvit Horsemanship/Highgrove Farm
LaPorte, Indiana

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Advancing your Horsemanship

Dec 29, 2012 • Sure in the Saddle
"Advancing your Horsemanship is a continual process.  We More

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Clinician, Trainer, and Instructor

Steven Lantvit is a full-time Clinician, Trainer and Instructor whose goal is to contribute to the betterment of the relationships between man/woman and horse. With a wide array of experiences across both Western and English disciplines, his focus on training is that of all around horsemanship and the creation of the versatile horse.


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