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Alumni Players in College that have come through the program under Superior Athletes by way of Cali Rebels and Blue Storm Basketball Academy.


Grad Yr: Name: High School Attended: College Attending: Division: Link:
2012 Mike Gee Katella HS Cal State Fullerton D1 Profile
2012 Mike Alvarez Calvary Chapel Downey Whittier College DIII Profile
2012 Dreon Barlett Edison HS Sacramento State D1 Profile 
2012 Ronell Abaekobe   Dorsey HS Cal State Fullerton D1 Profile 
2012 Garrett Nielan Downey HS Hope International NAIA Profile
2012 Jon Benson Gahr HS Cerritos City College JUCO Profile
2013 Rufus Jemision Loara HS Bethesda University D3 Profile
2013 Josh Mishler Oceanview HS Air Force Academy D1 Profile
2013  Kyle Benton St. Anthonys HS Portland State D1 Profile
2013  Keith Davis Savanna HS Dominican University D2 Profile 
2013 Wes Mitter Los Alamitos HS Missouri Western D2 Profile
2013  Julio Guity Morse HS Western Nebraska  NJUCO Profile
2013 Braiten Madrigal South Kent Prep HS Boston University D1 Profile
2014 Ron Freeman Serra Gardena HS Future Prep PREP Profile
2014 Brad Johnson Yorba Linda HS Dominican University D2 Profile
2014 Salvador Carlos Downey HS Biola University NAIA Profile
2014 Christian Berry West Ranch HS Vanguard University NAIA Profile
2014 Mike Nwabuzor Mayfair HS Arizona Central NJUCO Profile
2014 Ahmed Mansaray Savanna HS La Verne University D3 Profile
2014 Dillon Reise Mayfair HS Cerritos College NJUCO Profile
2015 Kendall Small Mayfair HS  University of Oregon D1 Profile
2015 Jeremy Hemsley Damien HS San Diego State University D1 Profile
2015 Stephen Thompson
Bishop Montgomery HS Oregon State University D1 Profile
2015 Brian Simmons Rancho Dominguez HS Pending Offers   Profile
2015 Jeraun Richards Downey HS Pending Offers   Profile
2015 Dezmon Murphy La Mirada HS Pending Offers   Profile
2015 Jack Kaub Los Alamitos HS Pending Offers   Profile
2015 Justin Kam Monrovia HS Pending Offers   Profile
2015 Charles Walker Mayfair HS Pending Offers   Profile