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Have officials officially been compromised? by Luke Robinson

Apr 9, 2013 • Sportz Blitz
That game had the worst officiating I have ever seen! How many times have you heard or said that statement after a ball game? Probably a lot. Officials are criticized, berated and even sometimes verbally or physically abused. I have spent a few articles in the past defending referees. In my opinion More

Here’s a dose of Robinson’s ramblings by Luke Robinson

Apr 2, 2013 • Sportz Blitz
Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs is taking a ton of heat right now. I suppose when your three major programs finish (or are finishing) dead last in their respective standings, the criticism is warranted. More

If UA, AU shoot for the “Moon,” they just might land on a star by Luke Robinson

Mar 27, 2013 • Sportz Blitz
Central-Coosa’s Xavier Moon recently spent some time practicing for and then playing in the Alabama vs. Mississippi All-Star Game in Montgomery. The undervalued sharp-shooter earned the right after scoring eleventy billion points for the Cougars last season. More

Graham’s tips on mastering bracketology by Andy Graham

Mar 20, 2013 • Sportz Blitz
March Madness has finally descended upon us and college basketball will reign supreme for the next several weeks. Honestly, the NCAA basketball season can drag on at times and become a little mundane down the stretch, but all that’s over now. More

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