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The Nightmare on Donahue Drive by Andy Graham

October 31, 2012
Sportz Blitz

Today is what’s known as All Hallows Eve,
It’s a time to be frightened and have candy received.
I hope everyone enjoys the festivities quite well,
So here’s a little story of horror and death knell.
It began on the night of four days past,
When Auburn was slaughtered and it happened so fast.
A worse possible game I could not contrive,
I was there and I witnessed the nightmare on Donahue Drive.

The pregame was rousing with military flair,
I could feel the electricity and my heart began to dare.
It didn’t take long to crush my faint hope,
The Aggies scored quickly and I felt like a dope.
The defense will settle down I assured myself,
Three touchdowns later and I was truly bereft.
Who is this quarterback they call Manziel?
He slashed and he dashed and he passed as well.

The Tigers finally scored with delight from the crowd,
But A&M answered quickly and made their fans proud.
The Auburn defense looked helpless to even slow them down,
It was painful to watch and I didn’t stick around.
I made it to halftime when the bloodletting ceased,
It was 42-7 and I begged for release.
Half the crowd couldn’t stand to see anymore,
I think Chizik’s fate was sealed and he’ll be shown the door.

This loss was one of historic proportions,
It caused fans like me all manner of angst and contortions.
It boggles the mind to try to make sense,
The Tigers actually gave up 63 points and 671 yards of offense.
I feel sorry for the players who gave it their all,
They shouldn’t feel embarrassed and should always stand tall.
One man doesn’t deserve all the reproach,
But this is college football and it falls on the head coach.

Auburn will survive to play good football again,
One bad season can’t destroy or do them in.
They’ll probably be back sooner than you think,
With new faces and ideas all in a blink.
Only time will tell what the future will bring new,
No doubt Tigers are resilient, fearless and true.
My story ends with no attempt to connive,
I was there and I witnessed the nightmare on Donahue Drive.



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