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Robinson tidbits for the past sports week

April 26, 2012
By Luke Robinson of Sportz Blitz

After another busy week of sports, it’s time for a hodge-podge of newspaper-y goodness:
1. So Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino thinks the way to FINALLY get over the SEC West hump and overtake the likes of LSU and Alabama is to have an affair?
With a 26 year old University of Arkansas employee?
Who he hired?
Who is also engaged to another U of A employee?
All the while Petrino has four kids and a wife himself?
Yeesh. Look, Petrino is probably just as good of an offensive coach as Nick Saban is a defensive one. Petrino may even be a better tactician. However, what separates Petrino from being on the level of a Nick Saban is his ability to control distractions.
When you are at a school like Arkansas with inherent disadvantages versus  LSU or ‘Bama, you can’t afford to allow your libido to coax you into an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with an engaged woman who is half your age. If I were the Arky A.D., I’d fire Petrino right now.
My guess is, though, that the Hawgs figure out some totally mismanaged way to keep him because he has done pretty well during his stint in Fayetteville.
All that tells me is that Arkansas learned absolutely nothing from the Mike DuBose situation about 12 years ago. As a side note, it seems to be common opinion that the young mistress is due for a pretty big pay day from Arkansas if she wants one.
My question is: “Why?”
She must have known Petrino was married. She certainly knew she was engaged. Seems to me she is just as culpable as he is.
2. Murphy’s Law in action: Just as I write last week about what an atrocious job Alabama baseball coach Mitch Gaspard is doing, he goes out and wins the next four games including a sweep over Auburn.
I still maintain it is time for a change at season’s end, though. I think this past weekend’s sweep of the Tigers just tells us that it may be time for AU to find a new baseball skipper as well.
3. The Masters is such a wonderful capper to the end of meaningful sports until August every year.
Even when the tournament is won by a landslide the beautiful scenery makes up for any discrepancy in first and second place.
This year, however, the tournament matched the surroundings. It was incredibly heartwarming to see Bubba Watson (golf’s version of Tim Tebow) put on the historic green jacket. Watson is a genuinely good human being. Meanwhile, it was equally fulfilling to watch Tiger Woods come apart at the seams.
There was a time in my life that I loved watching Tiger play golf, but now I simply cannot pull for the man. When he childishly kicked his club or slammed his iron into the Augusta turf, I kept hoping someone from the country club or CBS would walk up to him and say, “I don’t care who you are…. We don’t tolerate that behavior here.”
I have said it before and I’ll say it now: I don’t think Tiger will win another Major. Fear was one of his biggest allies in defeating his enemies and no one is scared of him anymore.
4. Every now and again, my five year old daughter will say something that is print worthy. Back in November I told you about her “conversation with God” regarding who exactly He is the boss of. Well, last week, Mary Sanford was jumping on her trampoline.
For no apparent reason, she looks at me and yells (she yells when a normal speaking voice will do … I have NO IDEA where she gets that from! And yes, that was sarcasm for those who know me), “Daddy! … I love you more than anyfing in dis whole world!”
Before I can smile and say, “well thank you, sweetheart,” she quickly qualifies that statement by coming back with, “… except God … or Jesus … or  Santa Claus.”
I was able to cut her off with a quick “thank you” after Santa. Hey, at least I beat out the Tooth Fairy and Spongebob, right?

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