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The Fall of Owens shows Caution to All

February 15, 2012
By Justin Clayton of Sportz Blitz

Last week an almost obscure story on the back of the front sports page of The Birmingham News caught my eye. Usually that slot is reserved for ‘Former Canadian Ice Skater Selected for Dancing with the Stars’ so it is not exactly my go-to section of the paper.

This morning’s story was different however. The title was ‘T.O. Says he is Almost Broke, Friendless’.

Wait, OUR T.O.? Terrell Owens the former BRHS, UT-Chattanooga and NFL star? Broke? Friendless? In the words of ‘The Simpsons’ Ralph Wiggum: that’s unpossible!

The 5” x 5” article went on tell how Owens gave an interview in GQ magazine. In said article he detailed how he has lost much of the 80 million dollars he made throughout his career. Meanwhile, several of the people he thought were friends were really just looking out for themselves (go figure).  When the money was gone, so were they.

Your first thought about this was probably the same as mine. You are probably thinking, ‘he did it to himself’ or ‘just another celebrity sob story.’ But then I realized that T.O. is just going through several of the same pains we all have in our day to day lives, just on a grander scale.

Owens fell victim to the very sins to which we are all vulnerable. He trusted the wrong people for the wrong reasons out of greed. He lost focus of his own emotional well being because of vanity.

Sloth kept him from stemming the tide of personal destruction before it was too late.

Before you judge Terrell Owens, perhaps now would be a good time to take inventory of your own goals and resources.

The fact is, people go through the same trials and tribulations T.O. is facing all of the time. We live in an age where security is only a 50/50 proposition. Longtime employees lose jobs like boxers lose teeth. Stocks and mutual funds crash like a cruise ship on the Italian coastline. The country’s divorce rate is still staggeringly high.

The one positive from the Terrell Owens news is that, because his plight is so high profile, maybe we can all learn from it. Stories like Owens’ can hit home more so than the story of, say, a neighbor facing the same issues but with fewer commas in the salary column.

I hate to sound like a Saturday morning public service announcement, but I am sure I will anyway when I say take time to evaluate your choices in friends and business associates. Give your finances a physical and make sure you are doing what is necessary for you and your family’s future.  To tweak a popular cliché`, those who don’t learn from the failures of popular celebrities are doomed to repeat them.

T.O. and our community have had, at best, a tenuous relationship. I don

’t know where things got rocky between the two, but as I said in my last article I am getting to the age where the reasons behind resentment just don’t matter anymore. Instead of celebrating Owens’ woes, I am going to wish him the best of luck in restructuring his life.

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