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Because We're Spoofhounds

July 28, 2014
By Jason Kurz of Maryville High School

Hello, Spoofhound Nation.

The 2014-2015 school year is upon us - 7 days until our Fall Sports begin practice! I hope you have all enjoyed a safe and enjoyable summer. Our student-athletes and coaches have been working very hard this summer and we can all look forward to seeing that hard work pay off in season. Why? Because we're Spoofhounds and we don't know any other way. Being the new Athletic Director, I just wanted to make sure and give you a brief overview of my athletic background and what the core values of Spoofhound Athletics are.

My background in athletics is a deep one. I was an athlete myself from the age of 3 all the way through high school. Through school, I participated in baseball, basketball, cross country, and track, but have always had a passion for all sports in general. As an athlete, I was blessed enough to be a part of three state trophy winning teams: the 2004 Missouri Class 2 Second Place Cross Country team, the 2005 Missouri Class 2 Fourth Place Cross Country Team, and the 2007 Missouri Class 3 Fourth Place Boys' Basketball team. I learned from some of the best coaches in the state in Matt Chance and the late Steve Boeh (Bowling Green HS, Bowling Green, Missouri). As for my coaching experiences, I have experience coaching four different sports in my time at Maryville. I was a Head Boys/Girls Cross Country coach (1 year), Assistant Baseball coach (3 years), Assistant Boys' Basketball (1 year), and Assistant Girls' Softball (1 year). Through those experiences, I have had a chance to work under Mike Kuwitzky, Matt Houchin, and Tom Scarbrough, as well as getting the opportunity to run a program of my own. Through those coaching experiences, I was able to further mold my athletic philosophy.

Our athletics mission statement clearly defines our purpose: "Through a partnership of all athletics, we will foster an environment where social responsibility, academic integrity, lifelong learning, and excellence in competition are of the utmost importance. The actions of members of this department, both student-athletes and coaches alike, will be those that bring honor to the Spoofhound Community." Athletics and activities are more than "X's and O's." They are more than wins and losses. We are here as coaches to help middle school and high school kids develop into better people, as well as better athletes. Participation in our athletics and activities is extraordinarily valuable in the development of adolescents. They learn how to pursue excellence through personal struggles and teamwork; they learn ethical and responsible behavior - on the field and off; they learn how to adhere to rules and show good sportsmanship. Most importantly, under our direction, Spoofhound Student-Athletes will also develop greater character and learn how to become leaders. It is our mission on a daily basis to help make ourselves better as well as our young people. Why? Because we're Spoofhounds.

In conclusion, I want to leave you by letting you know what Maryville and being a Spoofhound mean to me. Maryville gave me my first opportunity as a teacher and coach in 2012 - they didn't have to. Maryville gave me my first opportunity to be a Head Coach in 2013 - they didn't have to. And now, Maryville has given me an opportunity to lead the athletic department. I am forever indebted to this place. There will be high expectations and many challenges; I look forward to them all. We have great coaches in our system that will help orchestrate great things in competition and help mold our young people. I pledge to always make decisions that are value based and that will be in the best interest of our kids and our school. Why? Because I'm a Spoofhound.


Jason Kurz, Athletic Director

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