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Hall of Fame Guidelines

Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Process

A committee of at least 6 and no more than 9 will accept nominations for the SISD Athletic Hall of Fame.  Those wishing to make nominations may pick up the appropriate form from the Administration, Athletic or High School office.   Nomination forms must be completed and any documented proof of statistical information must be produced before consideration begins. Individuals nominated must complete the application form and questionnaire and return to SHS.  

The committee will research and discuss the validity of the nominee and vote to determine whether a nominee will be recognized for their athletic accomplishments.  A minimum of 6 committee members must be in favor of the nominee otherwise the nomination is denied. 

The committee will include the Athletic Director, High School Principal or designee, Booster Club Representative,  2 Community Member to be changed every two school years, 2 High School Coaches, School Board Representative and 1 High School Faculty Members.

In addition to the athletic accomplishments, nominees must possess high moral standards, be a role model for current and future students, have continued dedication to athletics and be in good public standing that is becoming of such honor. 

SISD reserves the right to remove individuals that do fail to maintain the moral and ethical standards that are associated with being selected into the SISD Athletic Hall of Fame.


Individuals who may receive Splendora HOF nominations:

        Athletes, Coaches, Media or Boosters

Minimum Qualifications


·         Must have participated in the Splendora athletic program.

·         Must have graduated at least 10 years prior to nomination.


Additional Qualifications:

·         Number of sports that nominee played.

·         Team accomplishments.

·         Record holder: School, State or National.

·         Individual awards: All District, All County, All East Texas, All State.

·         Collegiate participation and accomplishments.

·         Professional participation.


·         Worked in Splendora ISD for at least 5 years.

·         Must have been a head coach of a varsity sport.

·         Must be removed from that sport for 3 years.

Additional Qualifications:

·         Overall records as head coach.

·         Total championships.

·         Longevity in the athletic program and overall contributions.

·         Individual coaching honors.


·         Reported Splendora athletics via newspaper, radio or television station.

·         Provided fair and equitable reporting for Splendora athletes and coaches.

·         Provided statistical information to TSWA for all state honors for student/athletes representing Splendora.


·         Volunteer efforts for the athletic program of Splendora.

·         Actively involved in local booster club.

·         Made significant contribution to Splendora Athletics.

·         Followed rules and guidelines set forth by district and UIL.

Other accomplishments to consider, such as: military service, professional career, community activist, pioneering accomplishments in athletics.

The SISD Hall of Fame Committee will only induct a maximum of 3 nominees per school year.