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Dragons vs Haltom

February 27, 2013
Carroll Athletic Booster Club

Southlake, TX - February 19, 2013 - K/J Horne

The Dragon Men played host to a scrappy and under-rated Haltom squad on Tuesday evening.  In the first half, the Men made a number of excellent runs, starting off early with a quintessential run by Tommy arcing across the field just outside the box, then serving a great low cross from the left side with great potential.  A couple minutes later, Paul’s deep throw-in found Mike, whose header just missed but resulted in a Dragon corner which popped out to Jake for a near-miss rifle shot at the 6 minute mark.   Shane played some excellent “D” to steal the ball and begin a nice transition that led to a Jack F shot a couple minutes later.  Ten minutes into the game, Dragon fans held their collective breath as Paul’s frozen rope from 35 yards out narrowly missed following a throw-in by Tommy.  More than 15 minutes in, Turner finally got his first touch, easily deflating a Haltom run.  With 18 minutes left, Tommy received a pass and shrugged off multiple body blows and shirt-tugging efforts by two would-be defenders before causing yet another Dragon corner.  Just a couple minutes later, the Men narrowly missed on a nice combination of passes and runs involving a shot by Jack P that deflected to Brad, who made a quick pass to an open Jake for another near-miss.  The shelling continued over the next few minutes, highlighted by a great coordinated hustle play by Duncan and Jack P, who together pressured then stole the ball deep from the lackadaisical stopper, and put the ball into the net for a goal that was puzzlingly called offside.  With nine minutes left, Tanner launched a nice freebie from 50 yards out that almost found a Dragon head and the goal.   The Men engaged in multiple offensive frenzies during the last minute, as a Paul throw-in was almost headed in by Logan, and Brad and Shane got loose in the open for a dangerously close opportunity. 


The second half featured additional offensive fireworks.  Five minutes in, Duncan made a great move that resulted in a Dragon corner by Jack P, which he played through Brad’s legs to Tommy for a shot that deflected back to Duncan for an exciting but fruitless sequence.  Halfway into the stanza, Brad made a couple moves that left the defender flummoxed, frazzled, and bedazzled before dropping it back to Jake for an achingly close laser shot.  Finally, with 12 minutes left, Tanner lofted a free kick from mid-field that bounced once and found Mike for header that cruised easily past the keeper for a goal.  Just over a minute later, Jack P sent a lovely touch pass over the top to Shane who ran it down Usain Bolt-style, outsprinted two defenders, and placed it nicely in the net for another score.  Over the next few minutes, the Dragons maintained pressure and “played like it’s zero zero” as Jack F found Ned close in for a promising attempt.  Meanwhile, the Dragon “D” continued its path toward another shutout, with some great doubling up by Zac and Mike to stop two Haltom runs.  With 5 minutes left, Karl “the Energizer” took the ball toward the corner and held of three Haltom defenders for seemingly forever, and on the resulting throw-in, Ned found Duncan for a shot that barely missed.  With time running down, the desperate Haltom squad launched a promising free kick from 35 yards out that Patrick swept up with characteristic ease.  With that, the Dragon clinched a goose-egg for the visitors, and emerged the victor at two nil.

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