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Dragons Beat Fossil Ridge 2-1

February 18, 2013
Carroll Athletic Booster Club

Keller, TX - February 15, 2013 - by K/J Horne

The Dragon Men started out quickly on a chilly Friday evening at Fossil Ridge, dominating possession early.   The first opponent foray over the mid line was easily dispatched with a textbook defensive header by Logan.   Four minutes in, Paul tossed a looping, long throw-in to Shane speeding down the side, who juked a couple defenders and caused the panic-stricken goalie to kick the ball safely out of bounds.  On the ensuing throw-in, Paul launched it deeply into the box, and after one bounce, Tommy corralled it and struck it firmly with his left past the goalie for a score.  Three minutes later, Shane started a nice run, dished off to Brad near the corner of the box for yet another pass to Jack P, whose frozen rope glanced off the goalie for the first of many Dragon corners on the evening.  Meanwhile, Mike played suffocating “D” on the opponent’s main speedy threat, at one point taking on two players at once, while Ned contributed to denying the opposing mids more than one or two successive passes.   Free in the middle, Walker kept the Fossil Ridge back four and goalie honest with a couple of long-range attempts that narrowly missed paydirt.  Fifteen minutes into the match, Shane was fouled hard (the theme for the evening) 25 yards out, allowing Tommy on the subsequent free kick to apply an unsolicited soccer-ball-tattoo to an opposing defender’s bum, a cherished memory from the visiting Dragons.  Though Fossil Ridge scored at the midpoint of the stanza, the Carroll Men quickly regained control.  Logan performed a spectacular running, flying, sky-header to begin a transition, and Karl antagonized the mids and defenders continually with his aggressive, quick play.  Another Paul throw found Jack P, who just missed going upper 90 as the lunging goalie grazed it for a corner.  A couple minutes later, the Dragon squad suffered another devastating injury as Walker went down hard with what turned out to be a serious ankle sprain.  His commanding presence on the field will be missed while he’s out, a point recognized by both sets of fans as he was carted away to long and loud applause. 


The re-energized Dragons continued pummeling the home team for the remainder of the half.  Jake contributed strong time in the middle, helping the Dragons maintain possession for long stretches and quickly disrupting opposing transition attempts.  With 7 minutes left in the half, a Dragon corner kick found Tommy a few yards outside the box, and he promptly launched the ball somewhere toward downtown Watauga (good like finding that one).  In the last couple minutes, Tanner made a brilliant run down the right side, evading those who dared encroach, and found Jack F with a pass that he flicked to Brad, who just missed on an attempt after outwitting three defenders.


The Dragons got off to another quick start in the second half, with Tommy almost scoring on a missile strike less than a minute in.  Jack F then passed to Jake, open deep in the middle, for another promising attempt.  Less than 10 minutes in, Brad took a nice pass from Jack F about 40 yards out.  After making a couple moves that faked the defenders out of their shoes, Brad sped toward the goal, unimpeded except for the Fossil Ridge player who grabbed his shirt for dear life and was dragged along for 10 yards or so.  Now one-on-one against the goalie… it was over:  GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL !!    For the remainder of half, Fossil Ridge tried “up-tempo” against the Dragons, but it was not to be.  Baker, Brad, Tommy, Shane, and Jack F wore out the opposing mids and defenders with their own version of up-tempo, and could only be slowed by continual fouls by the exasperated opponent.  Turner and back four kept things air-tight on the defensive side, including a couple great denials on worrisome free kicks.  The last five minutes were an endless loop of the Dragons evasively maintaining ball possession until being fouled, and confident advances to hold the ball at the corner, resulting in innumerable corners and free kicks.  When the dust settled, the Dragon Men, of course, prevailed.  Two nil.  All the fans and players wish Walker a speedy recovery and hope to see him ready for the long playoff run!

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