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Dragons Beat Keller 2-0

February 16, 2013
Carroll Athletic Booster Club

Southlake, TX - February 12th, 2013 - by J/K Horne

The Dragon Men’s soccer game Tuesday night started out like many other previous games against our western neighbors: good technical skills displayed by both sides, and constant challenges to passes and advances.   Brad set the tone of his game early with an outstanding hustle play moving down the right side:  shirt nearly ripped away, then tripped up a few yards later on a no-call by the ref intent on “letting them play”.  At seven minutes in, Tanner served up a great, long, cross-field pass to Brad who just missed on a header and then caused a Dragon corner a short while later.   Shane made a nice run down the left side, and threatened with a powerful left at the 11 minute mark in.   The Dragons quickly regained possession, and Jack F went highlight-reel on four exasperated defenders, leaving them far behind on a deep foray into the box before falling to a hard tackle (while the Keller fans audibly exhaled in relief upon hearing no whistle).   Jack P then got into the frenzy with a forceful shot barely flicked over the crossbar by the goalie’s outstretched arm.  The Dragons kept up the offensive onslaught over the next several minutes, highlighted by outstanding long throw-ins by Paul, a free-kick following a foul on Mike, and some forceful plays at both ends by Walker.  Tommy ran the visiting mids ragged, intercepting would-be passes and running them down from behind at every turn.  Several promising flurries occurred over the last 10 minutes of the first stanza, with Brad continually irritating the Keller squad’s mids and defenders, and a nice combination from Walker to Shane to Brad to Tommy to Jack F resulting in a near miss.  The visitors benefitted from two close-range free kicks in the last minute, but converted neither against the stout Dragon D.


The tide began to shift in the second half.  Seven minutes in, Winslow was open on a transition and fired a pinpoint, low pass to Brad speeding in the open deep in Keller territory.  He shoots, he scores.  Meanwhile, the visiting squad had its few advances deep into Dragon territory repelled by the back four, with Logan contributing well more than his pro-rata share of defensive headers, and Turner exhibiting outstanding positioning and quickness that narrowed Keller’s angles.  Just past the 15 minute mark into the second half, Carroll lined up for a free-kick from 25 yards out.  Walker touched the ball; Tommy then struck the ball, and literally blasted the goalie back into the goal.  The ball bounded away feebly, but Shane left no doubt with a net-ripping strike from point-blank range that made it two nil.  Now on a roll, the Dragon Men aggressively created more opportunities over the next few minutes, capped by Shane’s pass to Winslow which resulted in a low cross that skidded in front of the goalie and across the face of the goal.   With 18 minutes left, Paul made a great run up the right side, shaking off two fouls by the same player (as verbalized officially by the ref) to start another offensive run.   Following a Keller advance, Jack F made an outstanding flying defensive header, and then just seconds later could be seen passing back and forth with Jack P on a razor-close effort thwarted only by two amazing saves (see, I can be objective) by the opposing goalie.  The mighty Dragons ultimately prevailed two nil and regained their rightful place atop the district rankings.  With 14 minutes left in the match, however, that constellation of Dragon fans, coaches, and players that make up Dragon Nation dimmed perceptibly as the crowd witnessed the final play of one of our player’s high school career.  Winslow was never the biggest, or the fastest, or the one with the greatest moves, but he always did his best to make the team around him better.   It will take much more than a broken arm to deter him from that.  Though he won’t again set foot on that field to play in another Dragon game, he will forever hold proud memories as a member of the team.  All of you will eventually see your youngest child play his or her last high school game; we both hope that it ends for you and your child under better circumstances.  To have it end like that after three or four hundred games over the last 15 years is jarring.  The transition from player to observer will be very difficult for him.  That said, we revel in the fact that we see a young man who is impossible not to love.  Those of you that know him know exactly what I mean.  The outpouring of kind words, actions, and support is overwhelming and humbling, but not because you know us as parents, but because you know Winslow as a person.  Weep not, dear friends, for Winslow’s struggles over the next few weeks.  Weep instead for those who never will have a chance to know someone like him. 


Let’s keeping Winning for Winslow… Go Dragons!

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