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Dragons Conquer Northwest 3-1

February 12, 2013
Carroll Athletic Booster Club

Justin, TX - February 5, 2013 - K/J Horne

Sports aficionados are well aware of the “spotty” (to put it kindly) sports records of those colleges named after a compass direction.   SE Louisiana, Northern Iowa, Southern Illinois, Southwestern, Northeastern and others have not exactly set the athletic world on fire.  Our mighty Dragon Men came into Friday night’s game willing to test that thesis at the high school level.  I think we now have our answer.  The Men dominated the match against Northwest early, often, and thoroughly.  Two minutes in, Winslow launched a nice corner that just missed, but which led to another corner and near miss.  Five minutes later, Brad uncorked a nice shot just over the cross bar.   A long pass to Jack F was nicely headed to Jack P but just missed again.  The pummeling continued with a brilliant header from Logan to Tommy off a corner that almost hit paydirt.  Even the defense created opportunities, as Paul scooted down the line 19 minutes in, brilliantly shielding the ball, and Tanner cut back and forth deep into Northwest Territory (and I don’t mean the one in Canada, though he could have easily gone that far) seemingly at will.  After a couple more corners and a free kick, by then it had become clear to fans that the dizzying array of offensive weapons that Carroll possesses would lead to a goal sooner or later.   And sooner it was.  With 10 minutes left in the half, Jack P spun around two would-be defenders and launched a lovely low cross that threaded through the defenders, past the goalie (who was distracted by Jack F), and to a wide-open Tommy, who had time to tie his shoes, floss his teeth, order his prom tux, and take an AP test before calmly burying the ball for Carroll’s first score.  A couple minutes later, a NW free kick went for naught as Turner calmly snagged it out of mid-air amongst a bevy of eager but disappointed opponents.   Defense became the offense as his resulting punt boomed 65 yards down the field, and was corralled by a well-placed Brad, who hustled downfield, out-witted a defender, and laid off a perfect pass to Baker for another Dragon goal.


In the second half, just two minutes in, a great throw by Paul bounded around the box for eternity but somehow never found the net.   But on the next play, a flurry of activity in the corner area led to Jack P emerging with the ball, and one highlight reel move later, he converted from a horrible angle for the Dragon’s third goal.  Intense pressure by Carroll continued over the remainder of the half.  Ever-hustling Karl cut through the Northwest defense multiple times, sometimes following nice feeds by Ned, and almost found the goal a couple times.  Walker and Winslow kept the goalie awake with continuous missiles from every point on the offensive side, which led to multiple additional Dragon corners when they glanced off the flailing goalie.  Meanwhile, the mids and defense allowed scarcely a Northwest advance, as Zach disrupted the frustrated opponents while Connor made a series of nice passes up field to speedy Austin.  Our unflappable Mike put on a great defensive display, culminating in his trademark “Mike Bike” bicycle kick in our box to deny an emerging NW threat midway through the stanza, while Patrick continued handling any NW advances with ease.  With 18 minutes left, Karl served a nice left-footed cross into the box that resulted in a handball and PK.  Winslow calmly stepped up, and on his last shot as an eighteen year old, one day before his birthday, pondered the philosophical concept of giving rather than receiving.  He weighed the notions of sportsmanship versus running up the score.  Rather than take the glory of a goal for himself, he elected to give the opposing goalie a gift this time: the cherished memory, and lifetime highlight, of stopping a PK by Winslow.   The final 15 minutes of the half were punctuated by continual offensive thrusts led by Karl, Ned, and Austin, and a random goal for NW that kept the goose egg off the scoreboard for them.  Final score:  Carroll three one.  

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