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Never in Doubt, Carroll prevails 4-3 over Timber Creek

February 5, 2013
Carroll Athletic Booster Club

Keller - February 1, 2013 - K/J Horne

At first it approached stealthily, audible only to the die-hard Dragon fans.  The footfalls of an awakening serpent, stalking its prey; the distant drumbeat growing ever so noticeable as the Dragon squad crept up on its unseeing victim…  Down three nil 20 minutes into the first stanza, the Dragon Men could have chalked this one up to bad luck, packed it in, and started planning for the Tuesday game.  But this is Carroll.   Amidst the high-fiving, boisterous Timber Creek fans who mentally were lifting some championship trophy over their collective heads, the Dragon Men persevered.  This is Carroll.  With 17 minutes left, Walker lifted a nice corner that Jack F nearly converted.  Three minutes later, Tommy was pushed down in the box, and the Dragons were awarded a rare indirect free kick in the box.  Fortunately for the Timber Creek players, none of their heads were anywhere near the missile that Tommy unleashed into the upper 90, lest they receive an unrequested re-arrangement of their facial features (see artist’s depiction here).  A few minutes later, Turner dispatched a promising TC effort, one of their last real threats of the evening.  As the last few minutes of the first stanza wound down, our Dragon squad pressed onward, with Shane launching a dangerous near-miss that foreshadowed events to unfold in the second half.  This is Carroll.


A firm but calm half-time discussion by our beloved Coach O had the men well-prepared for the second stanza, after all, this is Carroll.  Just two minutes in, Winslow rolled a nice ball to an open Tommy that resulted in another goal for our captain.  After the cheers from the adoring Dragon fans faded away, an audible gulp could be heard emanating from the opposing stands, and a bit of sweat appeared on their collective brows.  For they knew that shadow approaching from behind was not Punxsutawney Phil appearing a day early, predicting spring-time just around the corner, but instead a Dragon, intent on administering another 35 minutes of soccer beat-down.  This is Carroll.  Five minutes later, Tanner placed a great free kick from midfield ever-so-nicely into the box that just missed.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Dragon defense imposed their will on the TC mids and forwards as well, with Michael, Paul, and Logan clamping down and initiating brilliant transitions at every turn.  Brad wore out the TC defense, vexing them relentlessly, forcing them to double-team him to contain the damage, and just missing on multiple opportunities.  The pummeling continued as Tommy almost collected the hat trick on a hard shot saved only by an outstanding effort by a TC defender just below the crossbar, and then a flurry of corner opportunities and free kicks just missed for the Dragons.  With 28 minutes left, Winslow took the ball, faked left, and after adjusting his stride, it was, as they say “OVERRRR!”… This is Carroll.  Uncorking an ICBM from 30 yards out, he just missed applying an unwelcome tattoo onto the flailing goalie, and tied the game.  A few minutes later,Walker served in another fine corner that found its way to Jack P’s foot.  We all know how that story’s going to end.  GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!  The TC meltdown was complete at the hands of the Dragon fury.  In the face of the unhinged TC fans, the Dragon men stayed calm and collected while the ref handed out multiple yellows to the opposition.  This is Carroll.  Enduring more time stoppages than a family trip to theGrand Canyon in a car filled with Super Big Gulps, the Dragon men showed their class.  When the final whistle sounded and the scoreboard read 0:00, opposing fans expressed their mutual frustration and reaction to a well-played game with a chorus of boos, while our valiant Dragons humbly shook hands with the opposing team and the refs.  Final Score:  4 – 3.  We are Carroll.

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