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BSOC: Round Rock Wrap Up

January 28, 2013
Carroll Athletic Booster Club

Round Rock, TX - January 24-26, 2013 - by K/J Horne

In the annual Round Rock tournament, the Dragon Men ran roughshod over their Williamson County opponents, pulverizing them by a combined 10-2 margin.  First to feel the Dragons’ fury was RR Westwood, who came out on the short end of a 5-0 match that was not as close as the final score might reflect.  While your humble reporter was unable to attend the game, he understands highlights may be available through EPL or La Liga websites. 

Next up was RR Stoney Point, whose points were apparently not quite sharp enough against our Dragons, and who fell 4-1 with Jack P, Winslow, Jack F, and one of the Jacks again contributing goals.  Again your respectful servant was unable to attend the game, but understands highlights of that game are likely to be nominees for ESPY’s later this year.  

Next up for the Dragons were the blue dragons of RR High.  Despite outplaying, outhustling, outsmarting, outshooting, and out-cornerkicking the blue dragons by substantial margins, our Dragons fell one nil on the scoreboard.  Michael suffered a nasty injury as an opposing player apparently attempted to clear Mike’s sinuses with his shoulder.  However, by the following morning our tough and resilient center defender was back, as dominating as ever.  

In the Saturday morning game, RR McNeil came in swaggering on their home field, but left awed and deflated after participating in the Dragons’ clinical deconstruction of their squad.  After several minutes of dominating possession, the Dragons took advantage of a free kick from mid-field.  Tanner lofted a lovely strike into the heart of the box, which the flailing goalie miraculously punched away toward Shane, who just missed on a strong shot.  A few minutes later, Jack F rumbled through the middle and executed a screamer that was deflected and led to a corner.   Moments later, another fine Tanner free kick from way, way out found Jack F’s head, barely missing the net.   With 4 minutes left in the first half, defender Logan almost tallied a goal on a header following a free kick.   The second half featured long strings of Dragon possessions interrupted by only occasional threats by McNeil that were effortlessly dispatched by Carroll.   With 18 minutes left, Walker served in a spectacular corner kick that was bumped back to Tommy, whose blazing low power shot from the top of the box deflected off Michael and into the goal.  With the back line of Logan, Tanner, Paul, and Michael forming an impenetrable barrier in front of Turner and Patrick, one goal was plenty for the Dragons to seal the convincing victory on McNeil’s home turf.

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