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Polls at South Eugene High School

Name Date Created Votes
Are you planning on attending the SEHS 2015 Prom? 4/2/15 11
Which sport are you going to participate in during the spring of 2015? 2/13/15 36
Which of the following promotional 'themes' for attending a winter sporting event would be your favorite? 11/6/14 50
How far will the South Eugene Boys soccer Team go in the OSAA Playoffs? 11/5/14 6
Which sport will you compete in during the winter? 10/27/14 15
Which school will win the 2014 Emerald Derby Soccer Cup for boys Soccer? 10/11/14 10
Will you be attending the Homecoming Dance? 10/1/14 6
Which South Eugene Fall Sports Program will be the most successful in 2014? 7/17/14 72
Are you planning on traveling overseas this summer? 5/19/14 9
Are you planning on attending the Prom? 5/1/14 9
Which school will win the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament this year: 3/27/14 4
Which Spring Sport are you going to participate in? 1/30/14 23
2013 Winter Sports - Which Winter Sports will you attend this winter? 11/5/13 30
Which fall sport will have the best season? 7/3/13 75
Which Spring Sport will have the most successful season? 3/11/13 49
Which SEHS Alumni is the most well known? 9/7/12 83