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Students Keep 9/11 Memory Alive

Sep 16, 2011 • South Houston High School
By Alexis Shanklin      Last Sunday marked the ten year anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Ten years ago the twin towers were attacked and thousands of people lost their lives – and our More

Freshman Get A Taste of High School - First

Sep 6, 2011 • South Houston High School
by Alexis Shanklin      With the start of the 2011-2012 school year, the freshman Class of 2015 got into the swing of high school life by kicking things off with Freshman First Day.       The day was filled with both fun and confusion, More

Gearing Up for the End

Sep 2, 2011 • South Houston High School
by Luis Cervantes Like many seniors at South Houston High School, GEAR UP is wrapping up its last year of high school. GEAR UP, the district’s Gaining Early Awareness and Reading for Undergraduates Program, has been following the Class of 2012, since they began seventh grade More

Some old things are new again

Sep 2, 2011 • South Houston High School
by Esther Puente   Some things old are new again for the 2010 – 11 school year.  One old thing with a new look is the school’s dress code. Even though a student dress code is still in effect, there are a couple of changes that students are looking for More


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