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Want to Change Your 2014-15 Class Schedule? Do It Now.

September 1, 2014
By Mark Halvorsen of South Houston High School

Students have until the end of day Wednesday, Sept. 3, to make schedule changes for the first semester. Requests made after that date will not be considered. Students who wish to make a change must first complete a form that can be found in the counselor’s office. Counselors will also be available during all lunches for at least two days this week to discuss any concerns students have about their schedules. Both students and teachers are expected to meet the Wednesday deadline for schedule change requests. 

Counselors will not consider changes based on students’ preferences for certain teachers, periods, lunches, order of classes, or classes for which students have not met the proper academic or prerequisite requirements. Neither will counselors consider requests that will overload students’ schedules or require that multiple classes be shuffled to accommodate the changes.



Students who decide that AP or Pre-AP is not for them may make a written request to the counselor’s office to drop those classes. If a AP or Pre-AP student’s class grade drops below a 60, then Ms. Ballew, the assistant principal overseeing the AP program, should be notified by teachers so that she may contact parents and move the student to regular classes. Should a grade be in the 61 to 69 range, then parents, teachers and students should confer to decide if a schedule change needs to be made. AP or Pre-AP students who fail two consecutive six-week grading periods may move to a regular class for the third grading period to have an opportunity to earn credit for the course. 

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