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Senior Prank Controversy

May 23, 2014
By Cynthia Lara of South Houston High School

Friday, May 16th, ended with towing violation stickers plastered all over teacher’s cars. South Houston’s teachers became frantic and began calling the assistant principals, asking if they’re cars were actually going to be towed. The chaos was a result of an epic senior prank that South Houston School High’s administrators will remember for years to come.

The seniors that executed the prank were given two weeks of in school suspension.

Many students and teachers felt the administrators took the prank too seriously and should go easy on the pranksters.

 “It was clever,” said a teacher who wishes to remain anonymous “They really had me believing my car was getting towed, I even called other teachers and asked them if anyone’s vehicle had already been impounded. I could see were the teachers could have been inconvenienced by it, but overall it was harmless.”  

“I think the principals were too harsh with the punishment,” said Lucero Cuevas “There was no property damage, and no one got hurt.”

“Swear they’re blowing this out of proportion,” said Alfredo Olazaba “No one got hurt, no damage was done, the teachers even laughed about it.”

Personally I feel the AP’s should lighten up, it was a harmless prank. No property damage, no one was physically injured, no harm done.

I could understand why the AP’s took action. They probably want to limit liability issues and send a message to the student body about pranks that have a potential to get out of hand.

Overall the prank was clever and well executed. The seniors responsible for the prank had no intentions of disrespecting anyone. It was to be taken as a harmless joke.

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