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Hair Extensions

April 30, 2014
By Brittany Villacorta of South Houston High School

    It used to be very rare to have hair extensions a few years ago. Girls would wear them for special occasions. However, nowadays, they're quite common. There are girls who wear extensions nearly everyday; they've become apart of everyday looks. Hair extensions have actually come a very long way since they became known due to the fact that they're much easier to find, the process to put them on has become much simpler, and the prices have also dropped signifacantly.

    Before, one would have to personally order to have hair extensions made for them. Nowadays, you can go to stores such as Claire's and Sally's and buy multiple sets of extensions for under twenty dollars. Moreover, extensions used to have to be sewn into your hair, which would cause hair damage, and would get ruined so easily due to being made of fake hair. Now, extensions can be put in your hair simply with clips, and they're made of real hair, causing them to look much more healthy and natural. Having hair extensions put in used to be so expensive, but considering hair extensions now have clips and are so much more easier to find causes them to be all that more common and popular. 

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