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Choir Wins 4 Sweepstakes!!!

April 21, 2014
South Houston High School

Last Wednesday April 16th, our South Houston Men's Choir and Varsity Mixed choir went to their annual UIL competition in Deer Park High School. Men's choir was up first, singing Dodili, Riu Riu Chiu, and Lord Make me an instrument. Their concert was fabulous, and the judges agreed, giving the choir comments like "Wonderful Performance" and " Enjoyed your performance" and straight ones for their Concert. Right after the concert, the Men had to do the second part of the UIL contest: Sight-reading. The piece was a difficult one, and not many choir suceeded at sight-reading it, however, our Men did wonderfully in it, earning a whopping 1-1-2 for sight-reading and an amazing trophy for their Sweepstake!

After a short break, it was time for the whole Varsity mixed choir to perform their concert, singing a very varied palette of musical styles with "Ill est Bel et Bon", "Dirait on", and finally they ended with a magnificent and very fun performance of "Jambo" a traditional Swahili song. Then, after wonderful praises from the judges, the mixed Varsity choir was off to their sight-reading station, where they sucessfully (and beautifully) sight read a very difficult piece with rhythms hardly seen in the sight-reading room. The judges of the sight-reading room loved their performance, with Ms. Schott, former choir director at South Houston -and a very prominent Choir directress- writing remarkable comments praising the choir's performance. When the choir members finished with their competition, Ms. Varvoutis and Ms. Castillo, our current choir directresses, were in the trophy room and the members were waiting for the results. Just as the choir is about to board the bus, Ms. Castillo and Ms. Varvoutis come out from the school with Joaquin Gil carrying a Sweepstake trophy!

The following day the varsity women had to compete, singing, "So sweetly remembered", "Romance", and "Psalm 100". After wondrous applause from all the judges the girls went to the sightreading room where they amazed the judges with their musicallity and gracefulness. After an unbearable five minutes of waiting, the girls were given the sweepstakes trophy and the highest score of 1-1-1 in both sightreading and concert.

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Comments (4)
Karen wrote on Apr 23 at 2:05 pm
Congrats! Keep the streak going! Hopefully next year, all the arts get sweepstakes
Angel wrote on Apr 23 at 2:03 pm
Arlen wrote on Apr 23 at 2:01 pm
WOOOOO!!!! Go choir! we got the most sweepstakes out all the schools in the district! that's why soho is the best. :D
Ema wrote on Apr 23 at 2:01 pm
Band got sweepstakes, right?