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Semper Donantes 2014

April 21, 2014
By Lucero Cuevas of South Houston High School

What is Semper Donantes? South Houston High School has had a tradition where over a hundred seniors are nominated by their teacher. In order for the student to be a nominee they have to be “giving”, or in other words, dedicated to school. Students had to turn in a worksheet where they list all the things that they have done; from honor classes, clubs, or even organizations. All Trojan staff will choose fifteen students, after that’s done the top fifteen students are chosen. The winners will be announced at prom.


The Nominees Are:

Jesus Barocio, Itzel Briones Torres, Esmeralda Campos, Karen Castillo, Josue Cervantes, Iris Cisneros, Jennifer Contreras, Amy Coronado, Bertha Cortez, Lucero Cuevas, James Davis, Alessandro Delagarza, Cesar Delagarza, David Deulofeu, Azucena Dominguez, Elton Dyer, Alan Flores, Hector Flores, Kelly Garza, Selene Granados, Antonio Hernandez, Bianca Hernandez, Dayanna Herrera, Noe Herrera, Christian Jones, Jessica Lopez, Brandi Machorro, Amber Martinez, Gabriela Martinez, Sarah Miller, Lilian Moreno, Luis Moreno, Joe Navarro, Juan Olivo, Aaron Pena, Yenisley Perez, Ariel Perez, Sandra Phu, Edith Ramirez, Chelsie Ramirez, Christina Romero, Angel Rubio, Luzdivina Ruiz, Abigail Soto, Veronica Tienda, Luynda Tieu, Mark Torres, Gisselle Valadez, Elizabeth Vallesteros, James Wahab. 


Congratulations to our nominees! 

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