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Teacher of the Year (Female Nominees)

April 11, 2014
By Hilario Duarte of South Houston High School

Very short summaries of why these teachers were nominated.  Vote for your favorite in Eduphoria.

Ms. Alanis, praised for her outstanding performance with students and the LEP department.  She sets high standards for them and incorporates their parents as well.  

Ms. Bryant will walk the extra mile for her students.  Motivating and enlightening them to what is best for them.  

Ms. Garza is being nominated for being a dedicated teacher who will work as hard as she can to meet her students and her expectations. 

Ms. Goodson leads PDFLAC.  She always listens to teachers and gives great advice.

Ms. Sherri is a kind, sweet, and determined teacher

Ms Preteroti has been very helpful to new teachers.  She does many hands on project with students.

Ms. Skully inspires students with her attitude and joy for teaching.  

Ms. Gatsby is invested in her students; she goes above and beyond for them making sure each and every one of them acquire what they need to be successful.

Ms. Kimberly is professional and cares for her students.  She has excellent class management which is a direct result of her relationship with her pupils.

Ms. Howard has a strong desire to do well here at South Houston.  She is a vibrant person with great ideas.

Ms. Sundstrom excels at what she does, keeping students 100% happily engaged in purposeful, rigorous class activities.  

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