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Senior Skip Day!

March 6, 2014
By Christian Jones of South Houston High School

Everyone knows that Senior Skip Day is tomorrow and the seniors are elated! However, because it is a known event on campus, the administrators and police officers will be on the hunt for truant students. So here are some tips to have a great Senior Skip Day (and how not to get caught).


  • Avoid obvious places such as the beach, the mall, and the movie theatres. Police officers and administrators will be waiting to drag you back to school.


  • Avoid wearing school shirts or anything else that can link you back to your school. You want to look older than you actually are.


  • Just because it is Senior Skip Day, it doesn't mean that you are obligated to break the rules or act out. This is simply a day for the seniors to relax, not to commit felonies.


  • Don't put your location on social media sites. You're just giving them the opportunity to find you and bring you back.


  • Be safe and have fun!

 Even though it is Senior Skip Day, it does not mean that you have to participate. If you have missed too many days, have something important going on in class, or don't have your parent's permission, it might be in your best interest to just go to school. Yes, it's tedious, however, it's just one more day. You can make it. Then you'll have an entire week to do whatever you want! Have a great spring break

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