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Coca-Cola Controversy

February 5, 2014
By Cynthia Lara of South Houston High School

A Super Bowl ad by Coca-Cola celebrates the nation's diversity. It also features the first gay family to appear in a spot for the big game. While many praise the commercial, it has causing much controversy. Many people have begun to snub the soft drink makers. Coca-Cola took the patriotic tune “America the Beautiful" featured people of different ethnicities and faiths singing the song in their native language. Social networks were in up roar with criticism. The ad continues in English and other languages, including Hindi, French and Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. The ad did not sit well with a huge portion of online social network users.

"It is America.  It should be sung in English.  That is kind of the way I feel about it.  We speak English.  It is our country,"

"Well, of course I prefer English.  I was born European, but I came here and I spoke English,"

"Well, I have been in a lot of foreign countries..they sing it in their language. I think we should sing it in English in the United States,"

But other people found the ad uplifting, precisely because of the variety of languages.

"It is a beautiful song.  It stands for something I believe in and I think it should be sung in other languages,"

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