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Ke$ha in Rehab for Body Image Issues

January 7, 2014
By Christian Jones of South Houston High School

   Last Friday, "Timber" singer Ke$ha released a statement on Facebook saying "I'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself but I've found it hard to practice,". As it turns out, she has checked herself into a 30-day program at the same facility that Demi Lovato sought help after her breakdown in 2010. Unlike other celebrities (Lindsey Lohan, Zac Efron, etc.), it's not for a drug problem. It's for an eating disorder. 

  As a public figure, Ke$ha recieves criticism from people all over the world. Although, it seemed like the judgement hurt worse after it came from someone very close to her. Dr. Luke, her music producer, reportedly attacked her appearance in a 2012 music video and compared her to a refrigerator. 

 Eating disorders are becoming even more of an epidemic than before. People are plagued with their insecurities and constantly think that they are simply not enough. They're not pretty enough, smart enough, or even thin enough. This lack of self-confidence to accept themselves the way they are drives people to extremes that could cost them their lives. When will we realize that we are beautiful?

  If you think that you might have an eating disorder, seek help at  http://www.eatingdisorders.org.au/i-need-help/menu-link1 

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