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Re-gifting Ediquette

December 17, 2013
By Brittany Villacorta of South Houston High School

       Re-gifting takes place when a gift recepient doesn't really like what they received. However, they don't want to be rude, so they accept the gift and eventually re-wrap it and give it to someone else. Re-gifting is perfectly fine, but there are some basic rules that should be followed so the new recpient can actually like their gift.

  • The gift should be unopened. The gift should be brand new and in perfect condition.
  • The gift shouldn't be given away simply because you didn't like it. Much rather, think of it as you not enjoying the gift as much as someone else would.
  • The gift needs to be unwrapped and rewrapped. When you want to give the gift to someone else, completely remove all of the old gift wrap and completely rewrap it with beautiful gift wrap and bows.
  • Try to avoid awkward situations. It's best to give the gift you didn't like to someone who doesn't hang out or is in the same social circle as the original gift-giver.

       There are also common questions that many ask when it comes to re-gifting:

  • "Should I admit to the new recepiant that I re-gifted?"

           In some cases, it is actually better to mention it to them, because if they wish to get you a gift too, they can buy something of equal value.

  • "What is a white elephant party?"

           A white elephant party is perfect way to avoid feeling horrible for re-gifting, because that is actually the point of a white elephant party. Of course, don't wrap and give away a gift that a person who is also attending the party gave to you.

       Overall, re-gifting is actually a great way to save money and give gifts that don't really fit your needs or taste.









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