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Senioritis: What is it?

February 26, 2013
By Valerie Lopez of South Houston High School

Have you ever heard about senioritis? It affects current seniors in high school around the country. Senioritis is when seniors start slacking off in their work and their grades are affected. It can cause problems regarding their future. The student may not be accepted into their college just because they started becoming lazy towards the end of their senior year.

If you look at seniors at the beginning of the year, they are excited about applying to colleges, leaving high school, and working on thier grades to keep their GPA high. But once they are accepted, students become careless and stress less about tests which causes them to have lower grades then they would usually have.

So when you you are feeling lazy or tired and you don't feel like doing your homework or studying for that quiz, remember in the end, everything counts toward your future.

*Students remember:  even though you were accepted into a university early, they have the right to revoke your admission due to poor final grades.*


To read more information about this or to see how to not be a victim, go to


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