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Ms. Bekker Wins our Poll

February 15, 2013
By Valerie Lopez of South Houston High School

It may be Ms. Marianna Bekker's first year at SHHS, but already, she's made quite an impression with students and teachers.  Not only was she recently named "Teacher of the Month", but she is also the winner of our "Most Attractive Female Teacher" poll.  You may remember her dancing with Mr. Teeples during a skit for Trojam. 

Here are the final results of our poll (which closed the day before Valentine's Day):

Ms. Bekker 1044, Ms. Hernandez 1043, Ms. Williamson 435, Ms. Van 108, Ms. Maddox 102, and Ms. Cox and Ms. Marsala each both 65.

What a close race with Ms. Bekker beating Ms. Hernandez by only one point!  No doubt it was an exciting race, but one not without controversy.  Some people misunderstood our poll, but rest assure, the Torch Online staff put a lot of thought into making this a fun and respectable poll.  We purposefully chose the word "attractive" because of it's relatively safe meaning.  "Cute" or "hot" would have been inappropriate.  This poll was not just based on looks.  We consider an attractive teacher someone who sincerely cares about her students and works hard to engage them in fun, exciting, and useful lessons.  One may be considered "good looking", but if she has an awful attitude and not well-liked, we would likely not consider "attractive".

More than 20 teachers were nominated, but we went with the top seven to keep the poll simple.  All teachers gave their consent to be included in our survey and were even quite enthusiastic and competitive. We actually got more votes on our female teacher poll than our male teacher poll last month, in which Mr. Escobedo won by the way.  Mr. Teeples came in second.

On Valentine's Day the Torch Staff surprised Ms. Bekker with a big painted banner and candies during 5th period.  We videotaped it and aired it on Trojan TV. 

Our main goal was to use the poll as a way to create excitement in our school, give recognition (and bragging rights) to some of our teachers, and raise awareness about the existence of our website (www.ihigh.com/soho).  We have never seen so many new visitors to our site in such a short period of time and we love the fact that people are reading our articles while they're on here.  It is the goal of the Torch Online Newspaper to increase literacy, promote the written works of our students, and to help boost their media literacy and technology skills.

Please stay tuned for more polls in the near future.



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