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Dressing different for a day

January 31, 2013
By Jocelyne Aguilar of South Houston High School

The girly girl, the rocker, gothic style, and western style. These are some of the few out of many fashion styles people dress in these days. My usual style, usually a rocker or emo style. I usually wear a lot of black and red clothes. What can I say? Those are my favorite colors! I would never dress like a girly girl. I’m not a fan of pink clothes. But for once, I was challenged to dress girly. As a student of the SHHS theatre arts class, me and my fellow classmates are frequently challenged to act differently than we usually do. I mean come on. It’s theatre, we act. This time, we were challenged to dress in a style that we usually or would never dress in. Of course the only style I would never dress in….is girly...With just a few hours that I’ve been dressed in pink, I already want to just get out of these clothes and go home. Walking into class looking differently was a pain. All I can think is, “What will people say” or “What do they think.” In reality, nobody really said anything. Those who did notice all asked the same question, “Why are you dressed like that?”

Many other students dressed in a different style as well. One girl dressed western style, and another also dressed like a girly girl. The guys however, refused to take the challenge. And if there is something that we all thought about his challenge is, “I feel so uncomfortable.”

If there is one thing I learned about this style change is, I really don’t like to dress girly. I feel comfortable dressing in my usual clothing, and dressing girly made me feel really uncomfortable. And when the day is over, I’m going to get out of this girly pink clothing and dress in my usual comfortable style.

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Comments (2)
Maria wrote on Feb 8 at 8:45 am
Well, no matter how you dress or what style you have someone will always have an opinion, so you should not worry about that, especially if it's regarding a school assignment.
I would consider myself somewhat girly, but then again I only dress up to school when I wake up early. We have to remember though that what really matters is to dress in what we feel comfortable in. (:
Osmara wrote on Feb 8 at 8:44 am
Everyone has their own style. I guess I could be considered "girly". My opinion is, if you feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear, what other people think shouldn't matter! :)