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Doing it For the Fame

January 30, 2013
By Christian Jones of South Houston High School

“Fame. Doing it for The Fame.” Sings Lady Gaga in one of her many catchy tunes. At first, no one thought anything more of this song than its upbeat tune, but today it has never held more truth. People today seem to be doing ANYTHING to achieve recognition. Whether that means eating your own tampon (*cough cough* Ms. Giovanni Plowman) or making a God-awful music video (Rebecca Black), the number of individuals that will go out of their way to attain this thing we call “fame” has skyrocketed from the early days where a reputation was earned by one’s own talent. Why do these people do such things? Were they not held as a child? Either way, it’s unfair that there are so many people with God-given talent who walk around unnoticed, while the ones who receive undeserved attention are giving interviews and making appearances.  Gratefully, their five minutes of fame are running out for these attention-hungry beings. 


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