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Craving Fame

January 24, 2013
By Cynthia Lara of South Houston High School

Attention and fame seems to be everything in this digital age… but when does someone crave TOO much attention? Thanks to Youtube and other video uploading websites, just about anyone can go viral overnight. Remember Justin Beiber, Psy, Sugar Brown, and the list goes on…. Going to extreme lengths to become famous seems to be the goal for many teenagers. In recent years, videos of teenagers doing outrageous things for their 15 minutes of fame has been the one of most popular topics on the internet. But WHY DOES ONE do such ridiculous things to be the center of attention for a short period of time? Some blame lack of attention from family – or - constant bulling. The idea of being famous is too enticing, but often the kind of fame these teenagers experience is an “empty fame”: they are famous for making fools out of themselves.  Instead of being famous… sometimes they become “infamous”.

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