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"Five Dollar Foot Long" Falls Short of it's Promise

February 1, 2013
By Jocelyne Aguilar of South Houston High School

Do you know the catchy jingle, “Five! Five dollar! Five dollar foot long!” Recognize it? It’s Subway’s catchy little jingle! But are they really selling you five dollar foot long sandwiches? Many say they aren’t and that the jingle is a lie. It appears that the foot long is actually 11-inches. That’s right! Your Subway sandwich is actually a five dollar 11-inch long.

Many people tested this rumor. Could Subway actually be lying? One test shows that four out of six foot longs were actually 11 inches, leaving many people upset. SHHS student Richard Adams found out about the false advertisement, and is not happy about it.

“I want that missing inch on my sandwich”, said Adams. “That inch could mean life or death! It stops me from starving. That sandwich needs to be exactly twelve inches or I’m still gonna be hungry. I swear, next time I buy Subway, I’m going to measure that so called foot long and see it for myself.”

Who knew that just one inch could upset so many people. Looks like Subway needs to change their jingle to five dollar 11-inch long.

I myself measured a subway footlong and it actually was 11-inches.

Now the question is....is the 6 inch sub really 6 inches? Stay tuned to find out.

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