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The Poll Everyone is Talking About

February 15, 2013
By Valerie Lopez of South Houston High School

Today (January 21st) the hallways at SHHS were buzzing with students and staff asking each other "who's winning?" and "who are you voting for?" The hype was all about the new poll on this website asking who you think is the most attractive male teacher in school. Visits to ihigh.com/soho have skyrocketed thanks to this poll, and The Torch Online staff love the fact that people are reading our other stories while they're on our page. 

About 800 people have voted so far and the number continues to climb every hour. As of the date and time of this article, Mr. Felipe Escobedo is currently winning with over 200 votes, with Mr. Koska is in second place and Mr. Teeples and Mr. Stewart are tying for 3rd.  Please click on the picture of Mr. Escobedo to the right to view the rest of his competitors.

"I don't care who wins as long as I beat Teeples," said physics teacher, Mr. Stewart, of his best friend.  "I will never hear the end of it if he beats me."

"I just want our male science teachers to top the social studies teachers," said Ms. Debbie McNabb. "It's like a friendly battle between the departments."

"This poll is rigged," joked Mr. Kenneth Butcher.  We think he would have gotten more votes had it not been for a promotion that has moved him out of the classroom and into an office.  That thick beard he's growing is also hiding his signature smile.  By the way, our poll is accurate and no one on our staff has the power to manipulate the results in anyway.

Talk about beards, the kind Mr. Koska sports has him looking like the Spartan King Leonidas.  He's a dead ringer for Gerard Butler's character on 300 the movie.  Come to think of it, over half of the teachers on the poll has facial hair including Mr. Randall, Mr. Escobedo, and Mr. Thibodeaux.

"I'm flattered that I was nominated for this poll," said Mr. Thibodeaux, "though I doubt I will win."

The winner will be announced soon so keep voting for your favorite choice.  We'd like to close the poll later this month and start on a poll for most attractive female teacher next month.  We are taking nominations for that now and we hope the female teachers will be just as into it.

This initial poll for most attractive male teacher almost did not happen. We wanted to make sure that the nominated teachers were okay with it, so we called and asked for their permission.  Thankfully everyone we asked agreed without much arm twisting. Some teachers are even becoming competitive and are telling their students to vote for them.  Others had fellow teachers campainging on their behalf and 

writing our website on their board for students to see.  Many students are even mentioning it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  We love the free publicity so keep it going please.





"I'm glad to know that it's helping out the students," said biology teacher, Mr. Escobedo. "The page looks great and the articles are even better. [The students] are doing awesome and ... keep up the good work!"

When the idea of this poll came up we also made sure that we did not use words like "cute" or "hot". The newspaper staff wanted this to be a respectable and fun poll.  All the teachers were nominated by students and it wasn't just based just on looks.  Students say these teachers are considered "attractive" not only because they are easy on the eyes, but they are also good at what they do, and are funny and genuine.  They make their students laugh and they make the learning process fun and exciting.

We thank all of them for being such a great sport about the poll and helping us to promote ihigh.com/soho.  The website has been active for several years, but never before has it seen this much buzz in a short amount of time. We hope everyone will continue to visit our site and to look for new stories and polls. 

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