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Happy 102nd Birthday

December 21, 2012
By Clarissa Marroquin of South Houston High School

Students JC Longoria, Alavaro Gonzalez, Gabby and Sophia Villareal, were walking on their way home in Arlington Heights when Gabby saw a banner stating that it was someone’s 102nd birthday.  Sophomore Alavaro had a brilliant idea to tell the person happy birthday.

They walked up and knocked on the door. When they told the family how they would like to sing happy birthday they were nicely invited in. It was Peggy Burgins Brandin’s mother-in-laws birthday.  The students sang to her, played the violin for her and stayed a little while. The birthday girl shared stories with them and made it a heart warming experience.

"It felt good seeing that we made her happy," said JC Longoria.

The teens have made a return visit and say they felt they've made a new special friend with Granny Brandin.


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