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Ivy Cantu One Step Ahead Of All State Choir

December 3, 2012
By Jocelyne Aguilar of South Houston High School

Seventeen year old SOHO senior Ivy Cantu has made it one step ahead in the process for All-State choir.  Last Thursday night, Cantu competed against other high schools to move to the next step to make it to All State choir.

“It’s very competitive”, says Cantu.  “My section was very competitive.”

Cantu sang in front of judges who decided if she passed or not.  But according to Cantu, it was nerve wrecking being in a room alone with them.

“I couldn’t see the judges”, says Cantu. “There was like a big piece of black paper covering them, separating me from them, and all you hear are pencils writing. It’s never wrecking!”

Cantu was to sing sections form three pieces of music that she had to memorize. And after everyone who competed was done, someone got on the stage in the auditorium and announced the winners.

“I was very excited because I never made it past pre area”, said Cantu.

Cantu was the only one form South Houston High School who passed.

“I was glad I made it”, said Cantu.  “I ranked 1st in the sight reading division.  I knew this was my year because most of the competition graduated last year, so I felt prepared, and I’m proud because not only did I pass, but I represented our school.”

Congratulations Ivy!

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