A.  Preface


  The Perry Township Athletic Code of Conduct does not supersede the Student Rights &

Responsibilities Policy for Students, Parents, and School Personnel of the Metropolitan School District of Perry Township.  Individuals may receive discipline under both discipline codes.  It is the belief of the coaches, administrators, and school board of Perry Township that participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right, and that as a representative of the school, school system, and community, the athlete is expected to assume certain responsibilities and to live up to certain expectations.  It is the purpose of this document to clarify those expectations.  A coach may have additional written team rules not addressed in this code.  Situations not addressed in this code will be addressed by the building principal.


B.  The Responsibilities of a Perry Township Athlete:  A student/athlete is expected to:


  1. Achieve academically to be the best of his/her abilities.  Each student’s first responsibility is to be a good student.
  2. Act in accordance with high standards of social behavior.
  3. Display good sportsmanship both on and off the field.
  4. Show respect to opponents, teammates, officials, spectators, coaches, and administrators.
  5. Maintain a good appearance including dress, grooming, and cleanliness.
  6. Use language that reflects positively on school, community, and family.
  7. Be a positive leader in the classroom, on the playing field, in the school, and in the community.
  8. Comply with these guidelines in and out of season, on and off the playing field, at school and away from school.


C.  Eligibility: High School


  1. In order to be eligible according to the IHSAA, a student athlete must:


(a)    Have a completed physical form/release form on file with the athletic director of

his/her respective school.

(b)    Have passed five (5) or more full credit subjects during the past grading period and 

 be currently enrolled in five (5) or more full credit subjects.

2.    If an athlete quits a team while in-season, that athlete is ineligible to participate in another sport unless released by the Athletic Director.  This includes pre-season workouts.



D.  Eligibility: Academy/Middle School (nine-week grade requirements and other eligibility



  1. Students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade can fail no more than one subject.
  2. Students can meet the requirements using either the last nine-week grades of the

second semester or the yearly final grades to be eligible for the fall season.


  1. A student who is ineligible for the fall season will be permitted to try out for a winter  sport provided his/her grades indicate that he/she will be eligible at the end of the first nine-weeks grading period.


  1. Students cannot practice or participate during any day of in-school or out-of-school suspension.  1/2 day or more of in-school or out-of-school suspension will result in suspension of one practice or participation in extracurricular activity. Once the student returns to classes, he/she becomes eligible to practice or participate.


  1. Students who become ineligible may be permitted to attend practice sessions, but will not be permitted to participate in an athletic competition.  This will be an athletic department decision.


6.    If an athlete quits a team while in-season, that athlete is ineligible to participate in another sport unless released by the Athletic Director.  This includes pre-season workouts.


E.  Absence from School


  1. In order to be able to practice or compete on any particular calendar day, an athlete must be in attendance for ½ of the school day. Exceptions will be granted only by the principal or designee.



F.  In-School Suspension


1.   Any student who is assigned in-school suspension for over one-half of a day due to misconduct is ineligible for participation in after school extracurricular activity.  This includes practice or contests on the day he/she is  in-school suspension.  Consequences  for tardiness will be handled within each building as determined by athletic council and the principal.


2.   If a student is assigned in-school suspension and serves on a combined two days,   he/she will miss the after-school extracurricular activity on the day that afternoon classes are missed.


G.  Out-of-School Suspension


1.     Category II offense: No student will participate in practice or competition on the day that he/she has been suspended from school for that day or any part of that day.  In order to return for participation, that student must gain clearance from the school officials designated by the principal.


H.  Category III Violations, Illegal Substance and Tobacco Products


1.   Definitions:

(a)  Category III violations are those acts which are illegal and/or intolerable.

(b)  An Illegal Substance violation includes having, selling, buying, distributing, or using alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

(c)  Tobacco products include but are not limited to: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipe tobacco, and cigars.

(d)  “Next sport season” is the next sport in which the athlete participates and completes the season in good standing as determined by the Head Coach and Athletic Director. “Completing the season in good standing” is defined as having no unexcused or unauthorized absences from practices or contests, and making effort to improve their skills in that sport as judged by the Head Coach/Athletic Director.


2.  Investigation:

(a) If, after an athlete is accused of a violation involving a Category III, illegal  substance, or a tobacco violation,  and the building principal determines that it is likely that a violation occurred, the athlete shall be immediately suspended from practice and participation in athletics as outlined in items (C) or (D) of this section.

(b) If an athlete’s guilt is in question involving a Category III, illegal substance, or tobacco violation, an immediate investigation will take place.  The investigation will be conducted  by any or all of the following: principal, athletic director, assistant principal, or dean of students as appointed by the principal.

(c)After this internal investigation, if doubt still exists, the athlete may be allowed to practice and participate pending a final judgment which may be the result of an admission of guilt, a guilty verdict, or a conviction of a crime which typically will involve the justice system.


2.     Penalties:  In-season violation/Out-of-season


(a)Admission of an offense prior to official knowledge:  A student who has a Category III, illegal substance, or tobacco violation and comes to their coach or school official prior to the start of an investigation may have their penalty reduced for a first violation if they complete a program approved by the school administration. 

[Note: this program is different from the Alternative School Program.]

(b)First Offense: Ineligible for participation for 25% of the current sport season if in season, or 25% of the next sport season the athlete had previously participated, if out-of-season.  The athlete must complete the next season in good standing and have no unexcused or unauthorized absences from practice for the remainder of the season following the penalty period.If an athlete participates in a coach supervised team event and violates the Athletic Code, that athlete is subject to further consequences at the discretion of the Athletic Department.

(c)Second Offense: Ineligible for one calendar year from the date of the infraction.  If the athlete’s suspension will end during a season, that athlete, with the consent of the coach, Athletic Director, and Principal, may try out and practice with the team until the conclusion of the suspension.  The athlete may not dress for, participate, or travel with the team until suspension is completed.

(d)Third Offense: Ineligible for remainder of high school career.


I.  Student Review Process


1.     An athlete has the right to appeal an imposed penalty but will remain suspended during the appeal process.


2.     The appeal must be made within five school days following notification of the penalty.  It must be in writing, stating the basis of the appeal.  School officials will review and decide on the appeal within five school days.


3.     The building appeal committee, which may consist of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director or Assistant, or Dean of Students as designated by the Principal, will review the appeal within five school days.


4.     Further appeals may be made in writing to a township appeal committee appointed by the Superintendent.