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SEC- MHSAA 2009/2010 Fall and Winter sports titles

March 29, 2010
Southeastern Conference

Unofficial and UN-Audited 

Championships - 4

2nd Place - 6

3rd-10th - 17

Other Finalists - 19

Regional champions - 16

District champions - 11

SEC schools Represented in this list - 12 of 12!

3 MHSAA Team Sportmanship awards (Fall 2009)

Also 3 non-MHSAA State Championships

=Champions (4)

*Women's Bowling - Tecumseh State Champion/D2

*Women's Cross Country - Saline State Champion/D1

*Women's Swim and Dive - Saline State Champion/D1

*Men's Swim and Dive - Saline State Champion/D1

=State Runner-Up (2nd) (6)

*Men's Basketball - AA Huron 2nd/A

*Men's Cross Country - Dexter 2nd/D2

*Men's Cross Country - Pioneer 2nd/D1

*Women's Golf - Saline 2nd/D1

*Men's Swim and Dive - Pioneer 2nd/D1

*Men's Tennis - AA Huron 2nd/D1

=State Finalists (3rd-10th) (17)

*Ice Hockey - Chelsea 3rd/D3;

*Women's Swim and Dive - Skyline 3rd/D3

*Men's Tennis - Pioneer 3rd/D1

*Women's Swim and Dive - Pioneer 4th/D1

*Women's Golf - Chelsea 5th/D3

*Women's Golf - Pioneer 5th/D3

*Women's Swim and Dive - AA Huron 5th/D1

*Men's Swim and Dive - Dexter 6th/D2

*Women's Swim and Dive - Bedford 7th/D1

*Women's Cross Country - Dexter 8th/D2

*Women's Swim and Dive - Chelsea 8th/D3

*Women's Swim and Dive - Dexter 8th/D2

*Men's Cross Country - Saline 9th/D1

*Men's Swim and Dive - AA Huron 9th/D1

*Men's Bowling - Saline 10th/D1

*Women's Cross Country - Pioneer 10th/D1

*Women's Golf - Bedford 10th/D1

=Other State Finalists (11th-) (19)

*Women's Swim and Dive - Tecumseh 11th/D3

*Women's Bowling - Adrian 12th/D2

*Men's Bowling - Tecumseh 12th/D2

*Women's Golf - Dexter 12th/D2

*Men's Cross Country - AA Huron 14th/D1

*Men's Cross Country - Monroe 15th/D1

*Women's Swim and Dive - Monroe 15th/D1

*Men's Tennis - Dexter 15th/D2

*Men's Cross Country - Bedford 16th/D1

*Men's Cross Country - Chelsea16th/D2

*Men's Swim and Dive - Tecumseh 16th/D3

*Men's Swim and Dive - Monroe 19th/D1

*Men's Tennis - Chelsea 19th/D3

*Men's Tennis - Ypsilanti 19th/D2

*Women's Cross Country - Monroe 25th/D1

*Women's Cross Country - Bedford 28th/D1

*Men's Swim and Dive - Chelsea 28th/D3

*Men's Swim and Dive - Adrian 32nd/D3

*Women's Swim and Dive - Adrian 35th/D3

=MHSAA Regional Champions (16)

*Men's Basketball - AA Huron/A

*Women's Bowling - Tecumseh/D2

*Men's Bowling - Tecumseh/D2

*Women's Cross Country - Pioneer/D1

*Women's Cross Country - Saline/D1

*Men's Cross Country - Dexter/D2

*Men's Cross Country - Pioneer/D1

*Men's Cross Country - Saline/D1

*Women's Dive - Bedford/D1

*Women's Dive - Chelsea/D3

*Women's Golf - Dexter/D2

*Women's Golf - Saline/D1

*Ice Hockey - AA Huron/D1

*Ice Hockey - Chelsea/D3

*Ice Hockey - Saline/D2

*Men's Tennis - AA Huron/D1

=MHSAA District Champions (11)

*Basketball/W - AA Huron/A

*Basketball/W - Saline/A

*Basketball/M - AA Huron/A

*Basketball/M - Lincoln/A

*Football - Adrian/D3

*Men's Soccer - AA Huron/D1

*Men's Soccer - Dexter/D2

*Men's Soccer - Tecumseh/D2

*Volleyball - Tecumseh/B

*Wrestling - Monroe/D1

*Wrestling - TecumsehD2

=MHSAA State Qualifiers

*Football - Bedford State Qualifier/D1

*Football - Chelsea State Qualifier/D3

*Football - Pioneer State Qualifier/D1

#MHSAA Sportsmanship awards (Fall, 2009)

Adrian (SEC; Volleyball/District)

Adrian (SEC; Football/Regional)

Dexter (SEC; Volleyball/District)

=Other State Titles

#Equestrian - Chelsea Class B State Champion;

#Field Hockey - Pioneer State Champion;

#Synchronized Swimming - Pioneer State Champion;

*Synchronized Swimming - AA Huron 3rd/state;

*Mens Water Polo - Pioneer 3rd/state;

*Mens Water Polo - AA Huron 4th/state;

*Equestrian - Chelsea Regional/Class B;

*Men's Water Polo - Pioneer Regional;

*Equestrian - Skyline District/B;

*Men's Water Polo - Pioneer District;

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