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SEC People (11/12-11/18)

November 16, 2012
By Jim Mulchay of Southeastern Conference

SEC People notes (11/12-11/18)

#Mazi Joslin (Monroe softball) has committed to the University of North Dakota for softball -
#College Commitments - Adrian Daily Telegram (11/15 print)
*Jacob Britt (Tecumseh) commits to the University of Toledo for baseball;
*Rachel Waite (Tecumseh) commits to Oakland Uiversity for Swim&Dive;
#Alex Maloney (Chelsea football, baseball) has committed to Ball State University for baseball - MiPrepZone - http://www.miprepzone.com/washtenaw/results.asp?ID=7929
#All-SEC Tennis
DexterAthletics twitter
*Dexter All-SEC (Alexis Barberio; Nick Gagalis; Sam Gough; Aman Mandair; Michael Bradshaw/Matt Rose)
#All-Monroe County football - offense (SEC only)
Monroe Evening News (11/15 print)
*Bedford - All-Monroe County (Brad Boss; Josh Strickland); Special mention (Collin Carter; Weston Swick; Jarrid Smith; Alec Hullibarger; Jon Shepherd; Coach Jeff Wood);
*Monroe - All-Monroe County (Asa Smith; Gaetano Paulino); Special mention (Nate Daniels; Tom Knott; Tom West; Coach Eric Redmond)

#All-Lenawee Country cross country (w)
Adrian Daily Telegram (11/15) -
*Adrian - All-Lenawee County HM (Emma Dempsey)
*Tecumseh - Lenawee Country Runner/Year (Katie Kasper); All-Lenawee County 1st (Katie Kasper); HM (Jessica Tebbets);

#All-Lenawee Country cross country (m)
Adrian Daily Telegram (11/15) -
*Adrian - All-Lenawee County 1st (Collin Kemner; Gabe Gaspar)
*Tecumseh - All-Lenawee County HM (Drake Vandenberg; Max Miller);

* * *
#Grant Praschan (Saline cross country) - MiPrepZone profile - http://www.miprepzone.com/washtenaw/results.asp?ID=7923
#Austin Horn (Chelsea cross country) - MiPrepZone profile - http://www.miprepzone.com/washtenaw/results.asp?ID=7924
#Kyle Kuhr (Bedford ice hockey, baseball) has committed to Siena Heights University for baseball; BedfordSports.com - http://www.ihigh.com/kickingmules/article_147580.html
#Jackson Lamb (Bedford baseball) has committed to Michigan for baseball; BedfordSports.com - http://www.ihigh.com/kickingmules/article_147580.html
#Jacob Britt (Tecumseh baseball) has committed to the University of Toledo for baseball; - TecAthletics twitter

#MIHSSCA 2012 Soccer (m) awards - link - http://www.mihssca.com/boys-season/
(2012 season Academic awards not yet posted)
*AA Huron - All-State Dream Team (Andrew Shepherd); 1st (Andrew Shepherd); 2nd (Reid McCallister);
*Chelsea - All-State 2nd (Ryan Hilbert);
*Dexter - All-State 1st (Bobby Toth); 2nd (Rhys Moller); 3rd (Max Amann);
*Lincoln - All-State HM (Micheal Winters);
*Saline - All-State 3rd (Andrew Prince);
*Skyline - All-State HM (Alec Lasinski);

#2012 Water Polo (m) Awards - link - http://www.michiganwaterpolo.com/boys/postseason/
*AA Huron - MWPA All-Region/season MVP (Holden Tamblyn); 1st (Holden Tamblyn; Patrick Everett); HM (Alex Weiss);
*Chelsea - MWPA;
*Dexter - MWPA;
*Pioneer - MWPA All-Region/season MVP (Davis Argersinger); 1st (Davis Argersinger); 2nd (Daniel Wu; Reizo Osawa); HM (Finn Magoon); MWPA All-Region/tournament (
*Saline - MWPA All-Region/season 1st (Lucas Allen); 2nd (Michael Bundas);
*Skyline - MWPA All-Region/season 1st (Alex Dewhirst; Dennis Dahlmann); HM (Gabe Solomon; Daniel Schorin); Coach/Year (Ben Dahlmann);
* * *
#Jeff Myers, JR (Bedford ARCA racing) - named ARCA Sportsman Rookie of the Year - BedfordSports.com - http://www.ihigh.com/kickingmules/article_147315.html
#Hannah Martin (Bedford Swim&Dive) - committed to Xavier University Swim&Dive - BedfordSports.com - http://www.ihigh.com/kickingmules/article_147297.html
#Mitch Rogaliner (Bedford wrestling)- committed to Michigan State Wrestling - BedfordSports.com - http://www.ihigh.com/kickingmules/article_147300.html
#All-Monroe County Football - Defense (SEC only)
Monroe Evening News (11/13 print)
*Bedford - All-Monroe County Player/Year (Jeremiah Harris); All-Monroe County (Jeremiah Harris; Cory Scheuer; Scott Szakovits); Special mention (Dan Campbell; Caleb Jensen);
*Monroe - All-Monroe County (Mike Cyr; Tom Knott; Jake Nadeau); Special mention (Malik Carrington)
* * *
#Joe Palka (Saline football coach) profile - MiPrepZone - http://www.miprepzone.com/washtenaw/results.asp?ID=7919
#Adrian College will host an NCAA/III playoff game on Saturday 11/17 - xSEC Players include (Kendall Thompson (Ypsilanti); Nick Amador (Adrian); Kyle Miller (Adrian); Hunter Hurt (Bedford));
#Chris Westfall was expected to be named Athletic Director of the Lincoln Schools on Monday night (AAcom - http://www.annarbor.com/news/football-coach-to-be-next-athletic-director-of-lincoln-high-school/)
#Book discussion / signing November 14 - Rocks Across the Pond by Richard and Kathy Verlander - Bedford HS Cafeteria - 6:30pm;
#Monroe County football awards dinner - sponsored by the Southern Michigan Timberwolves - Sunday 11/25 - see Monroe Evening News for ticket info - http://www.monroenews.com/news/2012/nov/13/all-region-players-be-honored/?sports
#Future Farmers of America honor David Mellor (Saline agriscience instructor/FFA advisor) with an Honorary American FFA Degree - Saline Patch - http://saline.patch.com/articles/saline-teacher-receives-national-award
#Superintendent searches -
* * *

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