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SEC Results (June 5-8)

June 9, 2012
By Jim Mulchay of Southeastern Conference

SEC Results for June 5-8  (and spring titles (to-date)) -

Friday 06/08
Golf-m/D2 MHSAA Regional at Mason - Tecumseh Regional Champion - MHSAA State qualifer
Golf-m/D2 MHSAA Regional at Mason - Dexter 7th
Golf-m/D2 MHSAA Regional at Mason - Chelsea 9th
Golf-m/D2 MHSAA Regional at Mason - Chelsea (Mason Wagner) - State Individual qualifer
Golf-m/D2 MHSAA Regional at Mason - Dexter (Brennan Conter) - State Individual qualifer
Soccer/w-D1 MHSAA Regional Final - Canton-2, Saline-0

Thursday 06/07
Golf MHSAA Regional/D1 at Woodhaven - Saline 2nd - MHSAA State qualifer
Golf MHSAA Regional/D1 at Woodhaven - Skyline 5th
Golf MHSAA Regional/D1 at Woodhaven - Bedford 8th
Golf MHSAA Regional/D1 at Woodhaven - Monroe 12th
Golf MHSAA Regional/D1 at Woodhaven - Skyline (Conor Lang) - State Individual qualifer
Golf MHSAA Regional/D1 at Woodhaven - Pioneer (Nick Margolis) - State Individual qualifer
Soccer/w-D2 MHSAA Regional Final - Trenton-2, Dexter-1

Wednesday 06/06
Lacrosse/w-D1 Semifinal - Hartland-16, Pioneer-11
Lacrosse/m-D1 Semifinal - Pioneer-11, Holt-10

Tuesday 06/05
Soccer/w-D1 MHSAA Regional Semifinal - Saline-5, Livonia Franklin-0
Soccer/w-D2 MHSAA Regional Semifinal - Dexter-1, Livonia Ladywood-0

#State Championships

Track&Field-w/D1 - AA Huron 2nd place State

Track&Field-m/D2 - Chelsea 3rd place State

Track&Field-m/D1 - Saline 3rd place State

Tennis-w/D1 - Pioneer 4th place State

Tennis-w/D1 - AA Huron 5th place State

Track&Field-w/D1 - Saline 5th place State

Tennis-w/D1 - Saline 6th place State

Track&Field-w/D1 - Pioneer 8th place State

Track&Field-m/D1 - Ypsilanti 8th place State

Track&Field-w/D2 - Chelsea 13th place State

Track&Field-m/D1 - Pioneer 13th place State

Tennis-w/D3 - Chelsea 16th place State

Track&Field-w/D1 - Lincoln 17th place State

Track&Field-w/D1 - Dexter 21st place State

Tennis-w/D1 - Monroe 21st place State

Track&Field-m/D2 - Adrian 23rd place State

Track&Field-m/D1 - Lincoln 23rd place State

Track&Field-w/D1 - Ypsilanti 33rd place State

Track&Field-w/D1 - Bedford 48th place State

Track&Field-m/D1 - Bedford 56th place State


#Regional Champions

Golf-m/D2 - Tecumseh

Lacrosse-w/D1 - Pioneer

Lacrosse-m/D1 - Pioneer

Tennis-w/D1 - AA Huron

Tennis-w/D3 - Chelsea

Track&Field-w/D1 - Saline

Track&Field-m/D1 - Saline


#District Champions

Baseball/D2 - Chelsea

Baseball/D1 - Dexter

Baseball/D1 - Saline

Golf-m/D1 - Monroe

Golf-m/D1 - Saline

Soccer-w/D2 - Dexter

Soccer-w/D1 - Saline

Softball/D1 - Monroe

Softball/D2 - Tecumseh



Water Polo (w) State Championships - Michigan Water Polo Association

Link - http://www.michiganwaterpolo.com/both/tournaments/show_tourney.php?id=55&name=States%20%28East%20Lansing%20/%20Okemos%29&gender=G&year=2012

#State Champion - Rockford

2nd - Okemos

3rd - Skyline

4th - Dexter

5th - Zeeland

6th - Hudsonville

7th - AA Huron

8th - East Kentwood

#Regional Champions - none from the SEC

#District Champions - AA Huron

SEC Champions - Spring 2012 -

Baseball/Red - Saline

Baseball/White - Tecumseh

Golf-m/Red - Saline

Golf-m/White - Tecumseh

Lacrosse-w/combined - AA Huron?

Lacrosse-m/Red - Pioneer

Lacrosse-m/White - Dexter

Soccer-w/Red - Pioneer

Soccer-w/White - Dexter

Softball/Red - Bedford

Softball/Red - Saline

Softball/White - Chelsea

Tennis/Red - Pioneer

Tennis/White - Dexter

Track/Field-w/Red - Saline

Track/Field-w/White - Lincoln

Track/Field-m/Red - Saline

Track/Field-m/White - Chelsea

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