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Smith-Cotton Football Booster Club

Minutes from June 6, 2012


Those in attendance: Coach Johnson, Barb and David Hagebusch, Amy Simoncic, Missy Arnold, Beverly Egner, Shelly and Andy Williams, Christine and Rob Brown, Carla Homan, Wayne and Lecia Tracy, Angie North, Eric Griffis, Ronda and Chad McMullin, Lynn and Lenny Bacon, Derek and Amy Jackson, Ken Hartman, Tim and Amy Carr, Vern and Jaime Stewart, mark and Heather Staus, Jimmy and Melanie Brown


Meeting called to order by Barb Hagebusch


Officers and Committee Chairs for the 2012 season were announced


Barb Hagebusch                                  President

Amy Simoncic                                    Vice President

Christine Brown                                  Secretary / Concessions / Pasta Feeds

Shelly Williams                                   Treasurer

Sarah Rea                                            Public Relations / 50-50 drawings

Candy Arnold                                     Membership

Missy Arnold / Beverly Egner            Spirit Shack

Michelle Muths                                   Bingo

Carla Homan                                       Program


Information sheets: All players were sent home with an information sheet.  It is very important for parents to fill out the sheet and return to coach ASAP.  The information will be used to notify you concerning meetings, work dates, events for the season, etc.


Communication – We’ll be using texts, emails, and ihigh to inform you of upcoming events and important dates for the season. ( Ihigh is a great way to keep up to date with information and stats for the season.


Membership – Membership for your family to join the booster club is $30.  The money is used to help provide all of the players with something to eat for the away games.  The school district does not provide this.  It cost aprox $3000 to feed all of the players last year.  For your player to be eligible for a scholarship their senior year their parents must be a paid active member of the booster club for each year that they played at SC.


Concessions – Christine went over volunteering for the concession stand, (ex.  Freshman and JV work Varsity – Varsity works freshmen and JV games etc). All money raised in the concession stand goes to help the program. There will be signup sheets at the Night of Champions.


Program – Carla Homan is in charge of the program this season.  If anyone is interested in helping go to area businesses and getting ads please contact Carla at 221-7991. 


Bingo – We will have 4 Bingo nights again this year.  Each grade will be represented on a different night.  Signups will be at night of Champions.




 Upcoming Dates


Stadium Clean up


June 23rd stadium clean up   CANCELED

July – We will be doing grounds clean up and tarring

August – concession stand / Paw prints

(exact dates will be discussed at next meeting and posted on ihigh)


July 26th – Night of Champions

August 11th – Pictures

August 17th - Jamboree

September 14th – Senior Night

October 12th - Homecoming



Next Meeting will be July 11th at the stadium at 5:30


Respectfully submitted

Christine Brown







Smith-Cotton Football Booster Club

Minutes from 8/16/2011


Meeting was called to order by Sherri Egbert


Clean up – Sherri thanked everyone who helped.  It went well. Roy LaRue has new stencils for the paw prints.  With more stencils painting should go quicker.


Jamboree is Friday Aug 19th at 7pm


Athletic Heart Screening will be 8/20/2011 in Windsor. Questions please contact Sherri Egbert.


Barb Hagebusch has volunteered to clean the restrooms before home games.


Fundraiser – All of the tickets have been handed out.  We will be auctioning the boys again this year.  There will be auction baskets again as well as tool boxes.


Concessions – Still have openings for ALL of the games.  Please contact Christine Brown at 620-5345 if interested in helping.


Program – Program is finished will be available to purchase at the first game.


Face book – Coach Bentley has created a face book page.Smith-Cotton Tigers Football. Please “like” this site.


Upcoming dates


Pasta Feeds


Sept 15th     Sophomore – Barb Hagebusch

Sept 29th     Freshmen – Carrie Howieson

Oct 20th      Junior – Christine Brown



Bingo Nights


Oct 1st         Freshmen

Oct 29th       Sophomore


Next Meeting Sept 14th   6 pm at the stadium


Respectfully submitted

Christine Brown



Smith-Cotton Football Booster Club

Minutes from June 22, 2011



Meeting was called to order by Sherri Egbert


Minutes from all of the booster meetings will now be on Ihigh.  The parent list is almost completed with the updated information.


Free Physicals - Will be held on July 27th from 6-8 pm at the Jr High.  The heart screenings will be held on Aug 20th in Windsor for those that have concerns.


Pictures - Will be held after practice on August 13th


Program - Going good. Still waiting on a few ads to come in.


Spirit Shack - Need a carpenter or mechanically inclined person to fix the door.


Stadium Clean Up - The first of 2 clean up dates will be on July 20th.  Some helpers will be there as early as 6:30am. We will be working on the bathrooms and painting.


Bingo - Michelle Muths is going to be in charge of Bingo this season.  There will be sign ups sheets at the Night of Champions.


            Aug 6th                   Seniors

            Sept 10th                 Juniors

            Oct 1st                    Freshmen

            Oct 29th                  Sophomore


Concessions - There will be signup sheets available at the Night of Champions.


Upcoming Events -


July 20th - First of 2 stadium clean up dates


July 29th - Night of Champions - 6PM  Jennie Jaynes Stadium.  There will be a parents meeting that night and a cookout for the families and players.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.


Aug 19th - Jamboree - Jennie Jaynes stadium 6pm.  Come support your Tigers!



Respectfully submitted,

Christine Brown

Smith-Cotton Football Booster Club

Minutes from May 23rd 2011


Meeting called to order by Sherri Egbert


Those in attendance- Billy & Shayla Ficken, Missy Arnold, Rance &Tiffany Walters, Rodney Walters, Don Strobel, George & Carrie Howieson, Darren & Stephanie Lefevers, Barb & Dave Hagebusch, Tracy Pirtle, Vanessa Hanson, Kristi Bartley, Audrey LaRue, Jason & Kathy Burnett, Darcy Martin, Melinda Moore, Sherri Egbert, Shelly & Andy Williams, Angela Teeple, Beverly Egner, Rob & Christine Brown


Free Physicals - Wed May 25th from 6-8 at the Jr High.  There will be a heart screening in Windsor for Athletes more information to come.


Information forms - Most of the forms have been turned in.  Players and parents should be able to get all information on schedules and upcoming events at . It has the schedule for next season as well as the summer schedule for weight lifting, camps, and equipment sign outs etc.


Program - All ads and money need to be turned in by June 30th.  Shelly Williams is chairing the program committee. Beverly Eger , Sherri Egbert, Rob & Christine Brown, Stephanie Levelers all said would help with going to the businesses to get the ads.  Anyone interested in helping can contact Shelly at 287-7164.


Fundraiser - We will be doing a Taco Touchdown dinner again this year.  Melinda Moore, Darcy Martin and Brenda Simpson will we organizing again this year. Carrie Howieson, and Barb Hagebusch have volunteered to help.  The tentative date will be Sept. 18th 2011 at the High School.


Spirit Shack - Kevin Moore will be in charge of the spirit shack this season.  Missy Arnold has volunteered to help.  Signup sheets will be available at a later date for parents of players to volunteer to work during the games.


Concession Stand - Christine Brown will be in charge of the concession stand again this season. Signup sheets will be available at a later date for parents of players to volunteer to work during the games.


Camps - June 10th coach requested for a couple of parents to help hand out pizza for the teams.  They will be held on the youth fields at the High school.  Carrie Howieson, Barb Hagebusch and Missy Arnold volunteered.


Jamboree - Sedalia will be hosting the Jamboree on Aug 19th at 6:00PM


Pasta Feeds - Dates to be announced.  Each grade will provide the pasta for the players and coaches for one designated night. Person organizing for each grade follows


Freshman - Carrie Howieson

Sophomore - Barb Hagebusch

Junior - Christine Brown

Senior - Audrey LaRue


Bingo - We will have 4 bingo nights again this year.  Dates to be announced.

Next meeting Wed. June 22nd at Jennie Jaynes Stadium at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Christine Brown